PhD “Dr. phil”, University of Mannheim, Thesis: "Labour Market Entry and Early Career Mobility Dynamics in Germany, Great Britain and Italy" (in German). Supervisors: Walter Mueller, Josef Bruederl
 Degree in Sociology, University of Mannheim (Diplom Soziologie), Sidestudies in Psychology.

Carriera accademica ed attività didattica

Stefani Scherer, Dr. phil., Dipl. Soz. (University of Mannheim, Germany)  

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Sept. 2015 : Full Professor of Sociology
March 2012 - Aug. 2015: Associate Professor of Sociology (SPS07) Department of Sociology and Social Research, Trento University
Sept. 2007 - Feb. 2012: Assistant Professor of Sociology (Ricercatrice SPS07) Faculty of Sociology, Trento University
April 2004 - August 2007: Postdoctoral Fellow (Assegnista di Ricerca post-dottorato di Ateneo), Department of Sociology and Social Research, University Milano-Bicocca (
Sept. 2002- April 2004: Visiting Researcher at the University Milano-Bicocca, Department of Sociology and Social Research
June 1997- July 2003: Research Fellow (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (MZES), Mannheim University (


since 2014: Director of the PhD Program in Sociology and Social Research within the School of Social Science, Trento University
since 2008: Member of the Board of the PhD Program in Sociology and Social Research, Trento University
since 2013: in change of the double degree programs of the Department of Sociology and Social Research, Trento University, with German Universities.


TEACHING (current)
Quantitative Methods, MA level, since ST2008/9, Trento University + laboratories and introduction to "Stata"
Quantitative Methods BA level, WT20013/14, WT2014/15 Trento University 
Statistics I, since WT2007/08,  PhD programm of Sociology and Social Research, Trento University
Introduction to Longitudinal Data Anlysis, since ST2008/9, PhD programme of  Sociology and Social Research, Trento University
Family Sociology, BA level, sinc WT2013/14, Trento University


Interessi di ricerca

Social Inequality
Sociology of the Family
Demographic Change
Labour Market and Educational Sociogly

Comparative Life Course Analysis
Quantitative Methods

Attività di ricerca

2010- 2014: FamIne: Families of Inequalities - Social and economic consequences of the changing work-family equilibria in European Societies. ERC Starting Grant 2010. Funded under the 7th FP.

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2011- 2014: Cooperation member of the EduLife project, ERC Advanced Grant to H.-P. Blossfeld, EUI Fiesole.
2005-2010: Member of the Network of Excellence EQUALSOC, funded by the EU under the 6th FP.
2008-2010: Comparative School Discipline, coordinate by Richard Arum Social Science Research Council and New York University
2008-2010: FlexCareer II, coordinated by Hans-Peter Blossfeld and Karin Kurz, Universities of Bamberg and Leipzig ( funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
2006-1010: Atypical Employment and Welfare Regimes, coordinated by Paolo Barbieri within the EQUALSOC network (
2006-1010: Reconciling Work, Family Life and Gender Equality: Comparing Evidence from European Countries, coordinated by Helen Russel, Francis McGinnity within the EQUALSOC network (
2006-2007: FlexCareer I, coordinated by Hans-Peter Blossfeld and Karin Kurz, University of Bamberg ( funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
2001-2004 CHANGEQUAL: Economic Change, Unequal Life-Chances and Quality of Life (, founded by the EU under the 5th framework programme.
2002: Social Consequences of Labour Market Flexibilisation. MZES, coordinated by Walter Müller and Stefani Scherer
1996-2001: Educational Expansion and Social Reproduction in Europe directed by Walter Müller (MZES) funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
1999-2001: ECSR Summer School: ISTAR, Integrating Sociological Theory and Research, directed by Walter Müller (MZES)

Convegni e conferenze

2007: From Origin to Destination. Conference on Social Stratification in Honour of Walter Mueller, January 2007, Mannheim
2001: ISA- RC28: Research Committee on Social Stratification. Spring Meeting, April 2001, Mannheim, MZES, with Walter Mueller
1999: ECSR Graduate School, September 1999, Mannheim, MZES ( with Walter Mueller
1999: ECSR Workshops, September 1999, Mannheim, MZES, with Walter Mueller
2014: ISA-RC28 Budapest 
2014: ECSR Berin
2013: ECSR Conference, Tilburg, Netherland, Oct. 2013
2013: ISA-RC28 Conference, Trento, Italy, May 2013
2013: Varsaw, Dec 2013
2010: ECSR/QMSSII/TransEurope Conference, Bamberg  Oct. 2010 "Immigrants in Italian schools. New phenomena and old problems".
2010: TransEurope Conferrence, Turin, June 2010. Discussant.
2010: LAW-Methoden Workshop, DIW+DZA. Berlin Sept. 2010. Invited Speaker.
2008 (April): EQUALSOC Midterm Conference, Berlin.
2007 (June): Convegno della sezione metodologica dell’AIS, Esplorare la coesione sociale: teorie, ipotesi, modelli, tecniche di analisi dei dati, Trento, “Work and Family in Conflict? Evidence from Some Core European Countries”
2006 (Sept.): EQUALSOC NetworkConference, Barcelona, “Social Consequences of Non-Standard Employment in Europe”
2006 (Jan.): Research Group Meeting EQULASOC, Turin, “Work-Family Conflict”
2005 (Nov.): Convegno presso il Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, Università Milano-Bicocca: Welfare, Mercato del Lavoro e Diritti Sociali in Europa, “Nuovi Lavori Atipici e Cittadinanza Sociale”
2004 (Sept.): ESF Conference “European Society or European Societies?” Granada, Spain, “The Consequences of Labour Market Flexibilisation in Italy” (with Paolo Barbieri)
2003 (April): CHANGEQUAL - EU-Network Meeting, MZES, Mannheim, Germany, “ Work and Family in Germany. Italy, Ireland, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom”
2003 (Jan.): WTW- Work, Training and Welfare- Seminar, Università di Milano, Italy “Steppingstones or Traps? The consequences of labour market entry position on the further career: Germany, Great Britain and Italy”
2002 (April): S.O.N.A.R. Research Seminar. Antwerp, Belgium, “Measuring Career Mobility Dynamics”
2001 (Nov.): Convegno A.I.E.L. (Associazione Italiana Economisti del Lavoro) ‘Qualità del Processo Formativo ed Esiti sul Mercato del Lavoro’ Milano, Italy, “Logici e Razionali? Comportamenti strategici dell’offerta di lavoro nella transizione scuola-lavoro: un confronto fra Nord e Sud Italia” (with Paolo Barbieri)
2001 (Oct.): EURESCO (ESF) Conference: ‘European Societies or European Society? EuroConference on European Welfare States and Changing Life Courses’ Kerkrade, The Netherlands, “Labour Market Entry and Early Career Mobility in Germany, Great Britain and Italy”
2001 (August): ISA-RC28 Conference: ‘Local and Global Inequalities’ Berkeley, CA, USA, “Traps or Stepping Stones: the Impact of the First Job on the Further Career Chances”
2001 (April): ISA-RC28 ‘Social Stratification’, Conference on Welfare State Retrenchment, Labour Market and Social Stratification. MZES, Germany, Local Organisation
2001 (Jan.): Research Colloquium of the Institut für Soziologie, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, “Labour Market Entry Processes in Germany. Italy and Great Britain: Sequence-analytical Tools as new Instruments in Sociological Life Course Research” (in German)
2000 (Oct.): 2. ZUMA Nutzerkonferenz des Mikrozensus .Mannheim, Germany [User-Conference of the German Labour Force Survey Data], “Unemployment in Early Career: A Comparison between Germany, France and the UK” (in German)‘
2000 (Oct.): ISA-RC33 Conference: ‘Social Science Methodology in the New Millenium’. Fifth international Conference on Logic and Methodology, Cologne, Germany, “The CASMIN Educational Classification in International Comparison” (with Hildegard Brauns)
2000 (Sept.): ECSR Graduate School and Workshops, Nuffield College, Oxford, UK, Participation
1999 (Nov.): Conference: ‘Beyond the Feminisation of Poverty‘, University of Padova, Italy, “Gender Specific Ways of Entering the Labour Market?”
1999 (Sept.): ECSR Graduate School and Workshops, MZES, Germany, Local Organisation
1999 (Sept.): TIY- Conference: ‘Transitions in Youth‘ annual meeting of the former ESF Network, Oslo, Norway, “Different Patterns of Converting Education into Job Positions? Returns to Education in the Early Career Course”
1999 (Aug.): ESA (European Sociological Association) Conference: ‘Will Europe Work?‘ annual meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands, “Education and Unemployment” (with Markus Gangl)
1999 (Aug.): ISA-RC28 (Research Committee on Social Stratification of the International Sociological Association), Annual US Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, “Early Career Patterns-a Comparison of the UK and West Germany”
1999 (May): ‘VIèmes jounées d’études sur l’analyse longitudinal du marché du travail’ (Céreq, Lasmas-IdL et CER), Clermont-Ferrand, France, “Early Career Patterns: new Insight through new Tools?”
1999 (June): Seminar of the Sociological Faculty, University of Bochum, Germany, “Classifying Typical Patterns of Career Trajectories”
1999 (June): EU- Conference ‘Labour Market Entry: Problems a the second Passage‘, Offenbach, Germany, Participation
1999 (Jan.): MZES Comparative-Research-Workshop: ‘Education and Labour Market’, MZES, Germany, “Entry Patterns into Work” and “Education and Unemployment” (with Hildegard Brauns and Markus Gangl, in German)
1998 (Sept.): TIY-Conference: ‘Transitions in Youth‘ annual meeting of the former ESF Network, Edinburg, UK, “Transition Patterns into Work” and “Unemployment at Labour Market Entry in France, Great Britain and West Germany – Comparative Perspectives on the Impact of Education” (with Markus Gangl)

Altre attività

Advances in Life Course Research, American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, European Societies, European Sociological Review, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Gender, Work & Organization, Polis, Sociological Methods and Research, etc, etc.

QMSSII Grant for excellent paper. Participation at the ECSR/QMSSII/TransEurope Conference, Bamberg  Oct. 2010.
DFG Grant for the participation in the ECSR Summer School Oxford, 2000.




Stefani Scherer holds a PhD from Mannheim University (Dr. phil), Germany. Her research interests centre on social inequality and stratification processes in international comparative perspective, labour market dynamics, family realated inequalities and the analysis of life courses.
She teaches courses on quantitative methods on the BA, MA and PhD level and a course on the family sociology.