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Cord Blood platelet lysate fibroin loaded gels for cartilage tissue engineering
martedì 03 ottobre 2023

Aim of the research is to evaluate the potentiality of cord blood platelet lysate embedded in a fibroin hydrogel to promote cartilage regeneration.

Natural-based composite materials for controlled release of biomolecules poorly soluble in water
martedì 03 ottobre 2023

The project focuses on the use of emerging manufacturing technologies, such as microfluidics and 3D printing. Natural-based hydrophilic polymers and natural oils will be formulated to control the encapsulation and release of biomolecules.

The project has direct impact on the controlled-release of lipophilic (bio)molecules to direct regeneration of tissues, as well as to control the release of therapeutic agents.

Characterization and 3D printing of sustainable and edible natural based materials
lunedì 25 settembre 2023

The project focuses on the optimisation of a manufacturing process to derive food-grade polysaccharides from food waste products. Natural-based polysaccharides have been largely used in biomedical applications as hydrogels, and are acquiring an increasingly larger market in the food sector.
During the project, the manufacturing of hydrogels will be characterised and controlled as function of the process paramters, and used to precisely control the shape and the consistency of food (chewiness, rubberiness, crunchiness, etc.). Possibilities to include "flavors" and "nutritional values" in 3D printed edible objects will be also evaluated.