Diversity Management

  • Assists the Vice Rector for equality and diversity policies in the management and development of institutional relations and in carrying out their functions;
  • promotes good practices to manage diversity;
  • assists and coordinates the departments' delegates on equality policies;
  • provides organizational support to the Committee for equal opportunities;
  • provides assistance to the working table including all bodies engaged in anti-discrimination policies (for example: the Committee for equal opportunities, the Vice Rector for equality and diversity policies, the Rector’s delegate for Organizational well-being, the Confidential counsellor, the Committee for the implementation of the Code of Ethics);
  • serves as a support and liaison office for working groups in the area of equality and diversity: for example the working group on ethnic differences, the working group on disabilities, the working group on work-life balance;
  • liaises with the Human Resources and Organization Directorate in the design of work-life balance policies.

Via Calepina, 14, Trento, TN
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