Cultural heritage: Degradation and restoration of materials
MSc and BSc Cultural Heritage Students 
Monday 15 January 2024

Approfondimento sui meccanismi di degrado di materiali tradizionali (pietra, legno, carta, tessuti, leganti, metalli) e non (materie plastiche, supporti fotografici, prodotti stampa 3D, etc.). Analisi dell'evoluzione storica e dello stato dell'arte relativo alle tecniche di restauro e ripristino.

Il lavoro può essere completamente bibliografico o relativo ad uno specifico caso di studio reale. 

Per studentesse e studenti di LM è prevista anche la possibilità di tesi in laboratorio su specifiche tematiche di ricerca.

MAKO: Smart aluminium surfaces for aeronautics
Monday 15 January 2024

Development of mako shark skin texturized surfaces on aluminum alloys by photochemical etching and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). Application: drag reduction, self-cleaning and increased durability for the aviation industry.

In collaboration with Politecnico di Milano


Fighting climate changes: smart cool roof coatings for energy-saving buildings
Monday 15 January 2024

Two possible topics:

1) Energy efficiency characterization of organic coating containing IR reflective / photocatalytic pigments for cool-roof applications. Investigation of the effect of atmospheric degradation on the durability and energy efficiency of the coatings;

2) Wet chemistry synthesis of IR reflective pigments based on Fe oxides and rare earth compounds: investigation of the effect of the synthesis conditions on the IR reflectivity and energy saving efficiency.

Corrosion meets nature: renewable natural resources based organic coatings
MSc Students 
Monday 15 January 2024

Development of novel organic coatings based on functionalized natural oils (e.g. linseed oil) for a new generation of corrosion-resistant and sustainable materials

Corrosion hurts: "On demand" Self-healing coatings
MSC students 
Monday 15 January 2024

Development of self-healing coatings with improved durability for harsh environments (marine, heavily polluted)

Synthesis of Layered Double Hydroxides-based pigments for the entrapment of chlorides species and on-demand release of healing species. 

Hydrogen era: embrittlement and barrier coatings
Monday 15 January 2024

Study of barrier coatings against hydrogen diffusion

Hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen adsorption poisoning

Surprised by the sun: photoelectrocatalysis for value-added chemical products
Monday 15 January 2024

Assessing photo-electrocatalysis for the green synthesis of value-added chemical products. 

More than an edge: smart fuctional surfaces
Monday 15 January 2024

Chemical / Electrochemical conversion of Al, Mg, Zn surfaces with advanced features: self-cleaning properties, drug release, antibacterial, photocatalytic, etc.

Part of the experimental activity can be carried out in a foreign university (Europe, USA)