1999            Ph.D. in Financial markets and institutions, University of Siena.

1995            M.Sc. in Banking, University of Siena.

1993            M.Phil. in Economic Theory and Econometrics, Cambridge University, UK

1991            First degree in Economic sciences summa cum laude, University of Siena.

Academic career and teaching activities

2016            Full professor in Financial markets and institutions and Corporate finance.

2010            Associate professor in Financial markets and institutions.

2000            Lectures in Financial markets and institutions.

Research interests

Corporate finance, agency costs, contract theory, covenants

Research work

2017-2018    EURICSE, Trento: “The capital structure of co-operative firms”. Total budget 6.500 €.

2016-2019    Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A., Trento: “Project finance and infrastructure”, covering a three years Ph.D. scholarship for the Ph.D. in Economics and Management, University of Trento. Total budget 70.000 €.

2016-2019    CMCRC, Sidney: “Market quality and market design”, (co-responsible) covering research and a two years Ph.D. scholarship in cotutelle with Macquarie University of Sidney. Total budget 150.000 AUD.

2016            EURICSE, Trento: “The capital structure of co-operative firms”. Total budget 5.000 €.

2013-2014    Erasmus Mundus Action 2 MULTIC: “Shareholder-bondholder conflicts: influence on corporate financial policy”, covering the cost as a visiting professor of Anna Zadorozhnaya, Omsk State Transport University.

2011            Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione, Trento: “Co-operative credit and financial market 2”. Total budget 8.000 €.

2010            Cassa del Trentino Sp.A., Trento: “Study on Provincial Financial System”. Total budget 10.000 €.

2010-2011    Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione, Trento: “Financial education in High schools”. Total budget 8.000 €.

2009-2010    Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione, Trento: “Co-operative credit and financial market”. Total budget 15.000 €.

2007-2008    Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione, Trento: “Basel 2 and financial statistics of the co-operative banks in Trentino”. Total budget 35.000 €.

2003-2005    Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Trento: “Accountability of professional courses”. Total budget 10.000 €.

2002            University of Trento, Trento: “Value at Risk and portfolio management: possible systemic impact”, Young researcher funds. Total budget 3.000€.

2018-2019    International Labour Organization, Geneva: “Financial Mechanisms for Innovative Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems”.

2018-2021    Assolegno, Milano: “Safety, moisture design and risk assessment – timber constructions”.

2016-2017    Fondazione Caritro, Trento: “Connection between firms and banks in Italy and Trentino”.

2012-2013    Fondazione Caritro, Trento: “Regulation, efficiency, and stability: challenges for the co-operative banks in Trentino”.

2005-2008    FIRB: “Re-design of the financial infrastructure of firms networks”.

2000-2002    COFIN: “Sources, evaluation, and integrated risk management in non-financial firms”.

Memberships in societies and scientific committees

from 2014    The risk, banking and finance society for the International Risk Management Conference(7th Warsaw 2014, 8th Luxemburg 2015, 9th Jerusalem 2016, 10th Firenze 2017, 11th Paris 2018).

2010-2016    Eastern Finance Association for the Annual Meeting(46th Miami Beach 2010, 47th Savannah 2011, 48th Boston 2012, 49th St. Pete Beach 2013, 50th Pittsburgh 2014, 51th New Orleans 2015, 52th Baltimore 2016).

Conferences and lectures

2018            PFN, Portuguese Finance Network Conference, Lisbon. Presenter, Chair and discussant.

                   ISCEF, International Symposium in Computational Economics and Finance, Paris. Presenter.

2017            ADEIMF, National Conference, Roma. Presenter.

                   IRMC, International Risk Management Conference, Firenze. Presenter and Chair.

2016            EFMA, European Financial Management Association, Basel. Presenter and discussant.

FEBS, Financial Engineering and banking Society,Malaga. Presenter.

2015            IFABS, International Finance and Banking Society, Hangzhou. Presenter and discussant.

FEBS, Financial Engineering and Banking Society, Nantes. Presenter and discussant.

UGM, Mathematica User Group Meeting, Napoli. Presenter.

2014            ADEIMF, National Conference, Milano. Presenter and discussant.

IRMC, International Risk Management Conference, Warsaw. Chair and presenter.

PFN, Portuguese Finance Network, Algarve. Presenter and discussant.

EFA, Eastern Finance Association, Pittsburgh. Presenter, chair and discussant.

2013            ADEIMF, National Conference, Lecce. Presenter.

IFABS, International Finance and Banking Society, Nottingham. Presenter.

IRMC, International Risk Management Conference, Copenhagen. Presenter.

2012            IFABS, International Finance and Banking Society, Valencia. Presenter.

EFA, Eastern Finance Association, Boston. Chair and presenter.

WHU, Campus for Finance Research Conference, Vallendar. Presenter and discussant.

2011            AFFI, French Finance Association, Montpellier. Presenter and discussant.

2010            EFA, Eastern Finance Association, Miami. Chair, presenter and discussant. 

2009            AEFIN, Spanish Finance Association Forum, Madrid. Chair, presenter and discussant.

EFMA, European Financial Management, Milano. Chair, presenter and discussant.

2008            ADEIMF, National Conference, Capri. Presenter.

AFFI, French Finance Association, Lille. Presenter and discussant.

2007            ADEIMF, National Conference, Lecce. Presenter.

2003            IMIR, International conference on money, investment and risk, Nottingham. Chair and presenter.

2001            EWG-DSS, Decision Support System, Cascais. Presenter.

2000            University of Rome – Tor Vergata, Euro conference, Roma. Presenter.

1999            AIDEA, Aidea Young FourmParma. Presenter.

1994            University of Turin, II National Workshop in Experimental economy, Alessandria. Presenter.