Sandro Luigi Fiore

Via Sommarive, 9 - 38123 Povo
tel. 0461 283594
sandro.fiore[at]unitn [dot] it
Area CUN: Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione (09)


Academic Degrees

2001 – 2004 – Ph.D. in Innovative Materials and Technologies. Thesis: “The GRelC Project: towards the definition of a Grid-DBMS” at the Istituto Superiore Universitario di Formazione Interdisciplinare (ISUFI), University of Lecce, Italy

1996 – 2001 - Master Degree in Computer Engineering (full marks with honors). Thesis on the "Parallelization of a QCD algorithm with Message Passing Interface" at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Lecce, Lecce (Italy).


Qualification (from 26/07/2018) ASN 2016, Competitive Sector 09/H1, Information Processing Systems, Associate Professor, call n. 1532/2016, by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), Italy

Carriera accademica ed attività didattica

Current position 

University of Trento

  • Associate Professor at the University of Trento – since September 1st, 2020
  • a.y. 2020-2021 - Ingegneria del Software 2 (LT Informatica)

Previous employments

University of Salento

  •  a.y. 2019-2020 - Contract Professor in Computer Science. Bachelor Degree Course on Biological Sciences, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies at the University of Salento, Lecce (Italy).
  • a.y. 2019-2020 - Contract Professor in Big Data - Bachelor Degree Course on Digital Management Department of Economics Science at the University of Salento, Lecce (Italy).
  • a.y. 2009-2010, a.y. 2010-2011 and a.y. 2011-2012 - Contract Professor in Advanced Data Management,  Engineering Faculty of the University of Salento (Italy).
  • a.y. 2005-2006, a.y. 2006-2007 and a.y. 2007-2008 - Contract Professor in Database Systems, Engineering Faculty of the University of Salento (Italy).
  • a.y. 2004-2005 and a.y. 2008-2009 - Contract Professor in Parallel Computing II, Engineering Faculty of the University of Salento (Italy).

Visiting experiences

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Mar 2019 – Jun 2019
Visiting Scientist at the University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science.
Working at the University of Chicago (Department of Computer Science and the Globus Lab) on High Performance Data Analytics for climate change research at scale.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA, US
Oct 2011 – Dec 2011, Apr 2012 – May 2012 and Mar 2013 – May 2013,  
Visiting Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Working in the context of the Earth System Grid Federation and Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) at PCMDI/LLNL.


Interessi di ricerca

My research interests focus on data science and learning, scientific data management, big data and artificial intelligence in distributed, cloud and parallel computing environments. In terms of applied research I'm particularly interested in Scientific Computing applied to Climate Change in extreme-scale HPC environments.



Attività di ricerca

Summary of pubblications

A comprehensive list of my publications can be found at:

  • DBLP
  • Google Scholar:


Appartenenza a società e comitati scientifici

Member of ACM, IEEE and IEEE Computer Society

Premi e riconoscimenti

Earth System Grid Federation Team Award 2017, for the ESGF Dashboard activity in the CMIP5 experiments, December 5-7, 2017, San Francisco, USA.

UNIDATA Community Equipment Awards 2011, sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF)

Best Student Paper award, G. Aloisio, M. Cafaro, E. Blasi, M. Mirto, S. Fiore, D. Lezzi, "Web Services for a Biomedical Imaging Portal", Proceedings of ITCC2003, Volume IV, pp- 432-437, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2003.

Convegni e conferenze

Program Committee Member

  • EGI Conference 2020 (link)
  • International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation 2020 (HPCS 2020)
  • HPC-IODC: HPC I/O in the Data Center Workshop (link

Workshop/Session/Conference Organizer

Altre attività

Scientific Expert in the European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC) -