Bastien Lemaire

P.zza Manifattura, 1 - 38068 Rovereto
bastien.lemaire[at]unitn [dot] it

2014 - 2016, University of Caen, Department of Biology, Master degree in Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour.

2011 - 2014, University of CaenDepartment of Biology, Bachelor in Animal Physiology.

Carriera accademica ed attività didattica

2017 - , Ph.D. student, Animal Brain Cognition Group, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), University of Trento, Rovereto (TN), Italy

Interessi di ricerca

Animal Cognition, Lateralization, Social recognition, Categorization, Social Predispositions



  • Chiandetti, C.; Lemaire, B.S.; Versace, E.; Vallortigara, G. Early- and Late-Light Embryonic Stimulation Modulates Similarly Chicks’ Ability to Filter out Distractors. Symmetry 2017, 9, 84.