Francesca Broso

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francesca.broso[at]unitn [dot] it
  • Oct 2013-Dec 2015: Master degree in medical biotechnologies (LM-9), University of Padova, Italy. Vote: 110 /110 cum laude
  • Sep 2010-Sep 2013: Bachelor of Science in Science and Bimolecular technologies (L-2), University of Trento, Italy. Vote: 106/110
  • Sep 2005 - July 2010: Scientific High School Diploma, Liceo Scientitifico Galileo Galilei, Trento, Italy. Vote: 82/100
Attività di ricerca
  • Nov 2017- Present: PhD Student - Laboratory of Translational Genomics, CIBIO, Trento (Italy).
  • Jan 2017-June 2017:Visiting scientist–Center for Pharmacology and Toxicogenomic, MHH, Hannover (Germany). Exploration of the regulatory gene networks linked to the transformation of "normal" stem cell into cancer stem cells in hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • Dec 2015-Dec 2016: Junior researcher-Laboratory of Cardiovascular Medicine, CBM-EURAC, Bolzano ( Italy).Study of molecular pathways involved in pathogenesis of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy.
  • Dec 2014-Dec 2015: Master student - Laboratory of Cardiovascular Medicine, CBM-EURAC, Bolzano, Italy.Master thesis project entitled: "A mouse model of haploid embryonic stem cells to study the role of Striatin in cardiomyogenic differentiation". Investigation of Striatin protein as a possible new target in genetic based cardiovascular diseases.
  • Jan 2014-Feb 2014: Trainee - Laboratory of molecular microbiology, DMM, University of Padua ( Italy). Study of inhibitory capacity of a library of small molecules acting as early inhibitors of human cytomegalovirus.
  • Jun 2013-Sep 2013: Bachelor student - Laboratory of Transcriptional Networks, CIBIO, Trento (Italy).Bachelor thesis project entitled: "Analysis of the effect of RAD6 and Rad18 silencing on chemotherapeutic treatment". Study of the effects of KD of genes coding for enzymes involved in the trans-lesion DNA synthesis, on cancer cells death after treatment with different chemotherapeutic agents
Premi e riconoscimenti

warded with “Merit Prize” for student graduated at the University of Trento who fulfill specific requirements like; degree in short time and final degree mark above the average of the course.

Convegni e conferenze
  • 2nd meeting “Cells, genes and molecule for cardiac and vascular homeostasis“, October 2015 Villa Vigoni, Como, Italy.“Striatin affects cardiomyogenic differentiation: a study in a mouse model of haploid embryonic stem cells”. C. Piubelli, F. Broso, S. Suffredini, L. Foco, A. Leibbrandt, U. Elling, J.M. Penninger, P. Pramstaller and A. Rossini.
  • 40th EWGCCE meeting on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology” 2-4 September 2016, Glasgow, UK. “Striatin-gene loss of function induces functional alterations in a mouse model for cardiomyogenic differentiation”. L. Gennaccaro, M.Rosato-Siri, F. Broso, L. Foco. Leibbrandt, U. Elling, J.M. Penninger, P. Pramstaller, A. Rossini and C. Piubelli.
  • Conference “Graubünden forscht – Young Scientists in Contest” 14-15 September 2016, Davos, Switzerland. “Striatin affects cardiomyogenic differentiation iin a mouse model of haploid embryonic stem cells”. L. Gennaccaro, F. Broso, Leibbrandt, U. Elling, J.M. Penninger, L. Foco, P. Pramstaller and A. Rossini and C. Piubelli.