Paolo Bettotti

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Dipartimento di Fisica

Via Sommarive, 14 - 38123 Povo
tel. 0461 281501
paolo.bettotti[at]unitn [dot] it
Development of a spatially resolved optogenetics excitation tool for superresolution microscopy
Master students of physics, biotechnolgies and engineering (2020)
venerdì 07 febbraio 2020

Optogenetics is a technique that exploits light to stimulate cell behavior.

We are implementing a spatially localized excitation tool onto a superresolution microscope based on digital micromirror devices (DMD/DLP).

We have to install the DLP system onto the superresolution microscope and to develop a software to allow the user to select the area -on a widefiled image- that he want to excite using the LED source. The DLP matrix will addresses only those pixel required to illuminate the selected area.

The thesis will also require to analyse the optical data coming from the optogenetics stimulation coupled with the electrical readout obtained from a MultiElectrodeArray (MEA).

Nanocellulose for advanced functional materials
Master students of physics, biotechnolgies and engineering 
venerdì 07 febbraio 2020

Crystalline nanocelluloseis is one of the fundamental building blocks of plant cells. Compared to other constituents, its highly crystalline structure provide peculiar characteristics and properties.

We are developing techniques to synthesize cellulose-based nanostructures and to functionalization them to realize nanomaterials with desired properties.

Some of the possible application are: (bio)sensing, molecular recognition, cell growth and drug delivery.