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vincenzo.dellasala[at]unitn [dot] it
D.Phil. Politics University of Oxford 1990
M.A. Political Science New York University, 1984
B.A. Political Science McGill University, 1982
Carriera accademica ed attività didattica



(a) Edited Volumes

2018   Guest Editor, Special Issue of Europe-Asia Studies on "Power and Competing Regionalism in a Wider Europe: Shared Neighbourhood, Battleground or Transit on the New Silk Road?"

2010    Guest Editor, Special Issue of the Journal of Common Market Studies on “Mythologizing the European Union” 48:1.

2007    Vincent Della Sala and Carlo Ruzza. Governance and Civil Society in the European Union:  Exploring Policy Issues. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

2007    Carlo Ruzza and Vincent Della Sala. Governance and Civil Society in the European Union: Normative Perspectives. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

2004    Vincent Della Sala and Sergio Fabbrini, eds. Politica in Italia, 2004. Bologna: Il Mulino.  Translated as: Italy Between Europeanization and Domestic Politcs. New York: Berghahn Press.



(b) Articles in peer-reviewed journals

2016    “Europe’s odyssey?: political myth and the European Union”. Nations and Nationalism 22:3, pp. 524-41.

2016    “Adesso le cose sono cambiate»: Matteo Renzi e l’Unione Europea”, co-authored with Marco Brunazzo, Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche n. 1/2016, pp. 115-134

2016    “Patriot games: the regulation of online gambling in the European Union”, co-authored with Des Laffey and Kathryn Laffey, Journal of European Public Policy, 23:10, DOI:10.1080/13501763.2015.1105281

2012    “Europe's Autumn? Popular Sovereignty and Economic Crisis in the European Union”, The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 26-39.

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2010    “Political Myth, Mythology and the European Union”, Journal of Common Market Studies, 48:1, 1-18.

2008    “Eurosceptics and Europhiles in accord: the creation of the European Ombudsman as an institutional isomorphism”, co-authored with Weiqing Song, Policy & Politics, 36: 4: 481-495

2006    “The State Beyond Transformation and Adaptation?”, Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica (August): 207-230.

2005    “Anti-terrorism and the State: From National to Human Security”, Quaderni di Sociologia, 39: 40-54.

2004    “The Italian Model of Capitalism: On the Road Between Globalization and Europeanization?”, Journal of European Public Policy, 11:6 (December): 1041-1058.

1997    Review Article: “Politics without a centre?”, West European Politics, 20:3 (July): 212-18.

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1988    "The Italian Budgetary Process: Political and Institutional Constraints," West European Politics, 11:3 (July): 110-125.



(c) Chapters in Edited Books

2016    “Italy Between Trasformismo And Transformative Europe” in José M. Magone, Brigid Laffan, Christian Schweiger, eds. Core-periphery Relations in the European Union:  Power and Conflict in a Dualist Political Economy. London: Routledge.

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2013    “Re-create the social state:  Zygmunt Bauman in Conversation with Vincent Della Sala”, in Piotr Dutkiewicz and Richard Sakwa, eds., Twenty Ways to Fix the World: Interviews with the World’s Foremost Thinkers (New York: New York University Press).

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            Welfare State Restructuring
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1988    "Governing by Decree: The Use of Decree Legislation in the Italian Parliament," in Robert Leonardi and Raffaella Nanetti eds. Italian Politics - A Review Vol.II. London: Frances Pinter.






Attività di ricerca

Project on: Political Myth and Mythology in the European Union
Project on: The Political Economy of Legalised Gambling.
Project on: Politics Without a Centre: Democracy and Modernization in Europe, Russia and Central Asia

Appartenenza a società e comitati scientifici

Member of the International Studies Association

Member of the European Union Studies Association

Premi e riconoscimenti

2014-17           Jean Monnet Chair, Narratives for a New Europe

2013-14           European Institutes of Advanced Studies Fellow (EURIAS), Collegium de Lyon

2014-16          Jean Monnet EU project on Europe and Eurasia                            €41,800

2012               Jean Monnet (EU) project on teaching the EU in school                €77.000

2008               Canada-EU Transatlantic Exchange Partnership Grants                 €134.000

2007               German Marshall Fund of the United States – project on energy
                       security in Europe and North America                                            €18.000

2005               Jean Monnet (EU) project on Europe and Democracy                   €20.000

Convegni e conferenze

Selected Conference papers

2017    “Narratives of Power in a Wider Europe” (with Viktoria Akchurina), Paper presented to the annual conference of the International Studies Association, Baltimore, 22-25 February.

2017    “Ontological security and the narration of energy in the European Union”, Paper presented to the symposium on Energy Transformations Perspectives from the Humanities, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, 17-18 January.

2016    “Homeland Security?: Territorial Myths and  Ontological Security in the European Union”. Paper presented to the workshop on European Boundaries in Nationalist Times, University of Oxford, 21-22 October.

2015    “Narration and Crisis in the European Union”, Paper presented at the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Montreal, 26-29 August.

2015    “Narrative Form and Content in Post-national Governance:  The Case of Political Mythology”.  Paper presented to Centre for Globalisation and Governance University of Hamburg 15 July.2015    “Birth of a Union?: The EU’s Search for a Foundational Myth”, Paper presented to the conference on, “The EU Politics of Memory”, European University Institute, Florence, 18-20 June.

2015    “Not So Different After All?: The EU and Myths of Exceptionalism”, Paper presented to the European Union Studies Association Conference, Boston, 4-6 March.

2013    “Political Myth and Legitimacy in the European Union”, Paper presented to the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association Meeting, San Francisco, 2-6 April.

2012    “Understanding the Crisis: Did EU Studies Get It Wrong?”, ” Paper presented to ECPR Standing Group on the European Union Conference, Tampere, 13-15 September.

2012    “Searching for a Political Mythology of the European Union”, Paper presented to ECPR Standing Group on the European Union Conference, Tampere, 13-15 September.

2012    “Searching for the Real Italy in Europe: Italy Between Modernization and Resistance”, Paper presented with Marco Brunazzo to the European Community Studies Association-Canada Conference, Ottawa, 26-28 April 2012.

2010    “Crisis, What Crisis? Narrating Crisis and Decline in the European Union” Paper presented to ECPR Standing Group on the European Union Conference, Porto, 24-26 June.

2010    “Promoting Risky Business: Legalized Gambling and the Governing of Risk”, Paper presented to the Annual Conference of the Canadian Political Science Association, Concordia University, Montreal 1-3 June.

2009    “Saints, Sinners and Agnostics: Europe in Italian Political Discourse” with Marco Brunazzo- Paper presented to the conference on "National European Debates and the 2009 European Parliament Elections - lessons learned for the future”, European Academy Otzenhausen (Saarland, Germany), 15-16 October.

2009    “Myth and the Post-national Polity: The Case of the European Union” Paper presented to conference on “Whither National Myths? Reflections on the Present and Future of National Myths”, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 7-8 May.

2008    “Political Mythology and the European Union”, Paper presented to ECPR Standing Group on the European Union Conference, Riga, 25-27 September.

2007    “Sill Saved by Europe? The Treaty of Rome and European Integration in the Italian Imagination” with Marco Brunazzo. Paper presented to the UACES Annual Conference, Portsmouth 4-6 September.

2007    “The Variable Geometry of Policy Styles: Italy from weak to stronger state?” with Marco Brunazzo, Paper presented to the European Union Studies Association Conference, Montreal, 17-19 May.

2005    “Governance and Constitutionalism Beyond the State” Paper presented to the annual meeting of the Italian Political Science Association, Cagliari, 21-24 September 2005.

2004    “Beyond Empire and the New Medievalism: Bounded Hegemony in the EU and NAFTA”, Paper presented with Sergio Fabbrini at the 2nd Pan-European Conference on EU Politics, 24-26 June, 2004, Bologna, Italy.


Altre attività

Other Appointments

2007-               Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna Center

2005-6             Visiting Professor, Istituto Alti Studi, IMT Lucca (PhD course on the EU)

2000                Jemolo Visiting Fellowship, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

2001                Visiting Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Università di Trento (Italy)

1988-1990      Legislative Assistant, House of Commons, Ottawa

1987-88          CPSA Parliamentary Intern, House of Commons, Ottawa