Pierangelo Schiera

Professore Emerito

Università degli Studi di Trento

Via Verdi, 26 - 38122 Trento
pierangelo.schiera[at]unitn [dot] it
Born in Como (1941), he obtained a degree in Law at the Catholic University of Milan in 1963.

Carriera accademica ed attività didattica
Libera Docenza in Storia delle Dottrine Politiche in 1968 and first teaching assignment in the same subject in the same year at the Faculty of Scienze Politiche of the Università degli Studi di Bologna.
He became Full Professor of the above mentioned discipline in the University of Bologna in 1975 and in the academic year 1976-77 moved to the Trento University also in order to cooperate with the Istituto Storico Italo Germanico di Trento who had just been founded in that town. He was elected Dean of the Faculty of Sociology for 1979-1982 and reelected for 1990-93.

Appartenenza a società e comitati scientifici
He has been guest of distinguished University and scientific European Institutions (like the Wissenschaftkolleg in Berlin, the École Superieure des Hautes Études in Paris, the München Universität, and others). He has always been concerned with the problems relative to the formation of the Modern State in the perspective of political thought and of constitutional history.
From October 1st 1994 he has been professor in leave of the Trento University having been named Cultural Expert at the Istituto Culturale Italiano in Berlin for promoting scientific relationships between Germany and Italy. In 1997 he was named Director of the same Institute, a charge which was renewed for 1999 till June 2001.
Since 1995 he is Honorarprofessor at the Humboldt.Universität in Berlin.