Roberto Poli

Via Verdi, 26 - 38122 Trento
tel. 0461 281403
roberto.poli[at]unitn [dot] it
Area CUN: Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche (11)
Settore scientifico disciplinare: LOGICA E FILOSOFIA DELLA SCIENZA (M-FIL/02)


B.A. in Sociology, with honours, at the University of Trento (1980).
Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2001.

Carriera accademica ed attività didattica

Poli teaches Social Foresight and Epistemology of the Social Sciences


Interessi di ricerca
Poli's research interests include (1) ontology, in both its traditional philosophical understanding and the new, computer-oriented, understanding (ALWIS. Ontology for Knowledge Engineers, PhD Thesis, Utrecht, 2001; TAO-Theory and Applications of Ontology, 2 vols Springer 2008), (2) the theory of values and the concept of person (Fra speranza e responsabilità. Introduzione alle strutture ontologiche dell’etica, Polimetrica, 2006) and (3) the so-called Central-European philosophy interpreted as a repository of conceptual tools for the advancement of contemporary science (The School of Franz Brentano, Kluwer 1996, The School of Alexius Meinong, Ashgate 2001, In Itinere. European Cities and the Birth of Modern Scientific Philosophy, Rodopi 1997). He is currently working on the elaboration of the general categorical framework for an ontology well suited for applications in the field of information sciences.
Attività di ricerca
Development and articulation of the theory of levels of reality (with particular emphasis for the structure of the social stratum).
Anticipatory systems.
Hyher-order complex systems.
Theories of person.
Causality and motivation.
Chrono-topoids (i.e., generalized times and spaces).
The interplay among levels of reality, causation and chrono-topoids.

Poli has been Unit Leader for Lyee's international research project, a Japanese-based project on new software technologies. He is currently one of the three members of the board for the Sophia-Europa project on connections among science and religion. SophiaEuropa is a project of Metanexus Institute in conjunction with leading universities in Europe, made possible by the support of the John Templeton Foundation (USA).

Forthcoming works:

Theory and Application of Ontology. Vol 1: Philosophical Perspectives, eds. Roberto Poli and Johanna Seibt, Springer 2008.
Theory and Application of Ontology. Vol 2: Computer Applications, eds. Roberto Poli, Michael Healy and Achilles Kameas, Springer 2008.
Causality and Motivation, ed. Roberto Poli, Ontos Verlag 2008.
Levels of Reality, ed. Roberto Poli, will be submitted to CSLI-Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford.
Rumanian translation of “Fra speranza e responsabilità. Introduzione alle strutture ontologiche dell’etica”
Appartenenza a società e comitati scientifici

AFI-Associazione dei Futuristi Italiani (President)

-skopìa (President)

Editor in chief of Axiomathes (Springer)

Member of the editorial advisory board of the journals Futures and European Journal of Futures Research

Editor of the series Anticipation Science (Springer)


Premi e riconoscimenti

UNESCO Chair in Antiicpatory Systems