Carriera accademica ed attività didattica
1. Software engineering (undergrad)
2. Web Languages (master)
3. Business Process Management (PhD)
Interessi di ricerca
Current interests
# UI integration: we believe this to be the next frontier of integration and middleware, following years of research on data and application integration. it is similar yet different from its predecessors, both in the goals and in the underlying ideas. see here for a first discussion on the topic.
# Process Space Management Systems: This line of work is about considering all the enterprise data (structured and unstructured, ranging from emails to docs in sharepoint to databases to logs of message brokers) as possible sources of information of business process executions.To analyze and improve processes, we aim at providing a set of tools to browse, query, and discover processes on top of heterogeneous, autonomous, and distributed process information.
# Processes and services: My old passion of working in business process management and Web services is still there. Today i am mostly interested in data-related aspects, such as service protocol discovery and service execution analysis
# Improving the knowledge creation and evaluation process: This is among every researcher's favorite topic. We try to improve the way scientific knowledge is disseminated and evaluated, to minimize the "overhead" generated by the need for dissemination and evaluation while, at the same time, improving both of them.
Appartenenza a società e comitati scientifici
-- Industrial chair di ICWE 2007
-- General chair di BPM 2008
-- PC chair di WISE 2007
Convegni e conferenze

* WETICE 2007 in Paris
* AMBA conference, Buenos Aires, May 2006
* EDOC'05, September 05
* BPMPM at DEXA'05, August 05
* BPM Workshop, Twente, The Netherlands, April 05
* BETA conference, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, October'04
* AWESOS'04, Melbourne, Australia. April 04
* Coordination'04. Pisa, Italy. February 2004.
* WIDM'03, New Orleans, LA, USA. Nov 03


* Gustavo Alonso and Fabio Casati. Web Services Coordination and Emerging Standards. ICDE'05
* Fabio Casati and Ming-Chien Shan. Models and Languages for Describing and Discovering E-Services. Semantic Web Conference, Stanford, CA, USA, July/August 2001 .
* Greg Buzzard, Fabio Casati, Sougata Mukherjea, and Ming-Chien Shan. E-Services for Mobile Users. SSTD2001, Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 2001.
* Fabio Casati and Ming-Chien Shan. Models and Languages for Describing and Discovering E-Services. Proceedings of SIGMOD2001, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, May 2001.
Altre attività
LiquidPub Project
Liquid Publications: Scientific Publications meet the Web
September 23rd, 2007

Changing the way scientific knowledge is produced, disseminated, evaluated, and consumed

Brief description
The world of scientific publications has been largely oblivious to the advent of the Web and to advances in ICT. Even more surprisingly, this is the case even for research in the ICT area: ICT researchers have been able to exploit the Web to improve the (production) process in almost all areas, but not their own. We are producing scientific knowledge (and publications in particular) essentially following the very same approach we followed before the Web. Scientific knowledge dissemination is still based on the traditional notion of “paper” publication and on peer review as quality assessment method. The current approach encourages authors to write many (possibly incremental) papers to get more “tokens of credit”, generating often unnecessary dissemination overhead for themselves and for the community of reviewers. Furthermore, it does not encourage or support reuse and evolution of publications: whenever a (possibly small) progress is made on a certain subject, a new paper is written, reviewed, and published, often after several months. The situation is analogous if not worse for textbooks.

The LiquidPub project proposes a paradigm shift in the way scientific knowledge is created, disseminated, evaluated and maintained. This shift is enabled by the notion of Liquid Publications, which are evolutionary, collaborative, and composable scientific contributions. Many Liquid Publication concepts are based on a parallel between scientific knowledge artifacts and software artifacts, and hence on lessons learned in (agile, collaborative, open source) software development, as well as on lessons learned from Web 2.0 in terms of collaborative evaluation of knowledge artifacts.

This project is inspired by the broader and evolving vision (yes, the vision is liquid too) that is available at - and that’s why the short description in this page is similar to the one on

The immediate targets are the scientific research communities and the world around them, including publishers that, in a liquid world, will need to develop novel services and business models. In the medium term the results of this project will become applicable also to forms of knowledge different from scientific knowledge, including corporate knowledge, the scholarly knowledge taught in schools (extending the trend that we are witnessing, for instance, with Wikipedia), and the preparation, evaluation and execution of EU projects like this one, with reduction of evaluation time and cost, improvement of the evaluation quality, and optimization of the proposal preparation effort.
Results and additional reading material (case studies, surveys, and the like) will be made available from this web site. The project also is creating an open source development effort and a platform to manage liquid publications and their evaluation.
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