Legal services, Partnerships, Corruption Prevention

The legal services office deals with a wide range of legal matters on behalf of the University, providing assistance in preparation for and during legal proceedings and overseeing the work of external consulting firms. It provides legal advice.
It coordinates and gives legal support on all that concerns personal data protection and security, the right to access public documents and self-certification. It is responsible for the University’s legal requirements, in particular in the area of transparency and anti-corruption policies.
Is in charge of the implementation of the Three-year programme for transparency and integrity and of the regulation on transparency. It monitors and implements the anti-corruption policies laid down in the Three-year plan for corruption prevention.

It establishes the procedures for citizens’ access to University documents and the University register, and provides technical and legal support in relationships between the University and partner organizations.


Via Calepina, 14, Trento, TN, Italia
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