Directorate of Research and University Library System

The Directorate of Research and University Library System, in collaboration with the divisions and offices it coordinates, oversees all activities aimed at supporting research and technology transfer within the University and access to bibliographic information.

It manages its divisions and offices, organizes their work, and oversees their activities.

The directorate, in particular:

  • supervises the selection, collection, organization of and access to bibliographic information (in any format or medium) for the readers of the University Library System (a highly specialized bibliographic centre open to the local community) and the members of the University in particular;
  • draws up development plans and is responsible for periodic accounting procedures concerning the University Library System and for the collection of data and statistical indexes, including those to be sent to other entities (the Minister of Education, the Evaluation Group, etc.); 
  • manages the University‚Äôs systems for the collection of research outputs; 
  • is responsible for the award and management of research funding and for identifying additional research funding opportunities, and promotes research outputs through appropriate intellectual property policies;
  • provides support in internal and national processes on the evaluation of research and third mission.

Via Adalberto Libera, 3, Trento, TN
tel: 0461 283025
Segr.Dir.Ric-SBA[at]unitn [dot] it
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