Purchasing Directorate

The mission of the Purchasing Directorate is to serve as a central office for the University's purchases through accurate planning and the optimization of the entire procurement process of all goods and services. The directorate oversees the legal and procedural correctness of above and below threshold tendering procedures for goods and services, negotiated procedures and the direct award of contracts.

In particular, the Directorate:

  • plans the purchasing requirements of departments and centres and develops a University plan for supplies and services, in order to sign contracts in the general interest of the University including by defining a sustainable procurement system;
  • plans the purchases and defines tendering procedures that can meet the needs of departments and centres and the strategic, procedural and affordability objectives of the University;
  • coordinates and supports University departments and centres and the procurement officers (Responsabile Unico del Procedimento - RUP) for the implementation of the special framework for procurement and the rationalization of expenditure;
  • manages the procurement procedures for public works, supplies and services, through monitoring activities as well as contracts and framework agreements;
  • supports and coordinats the procedures concerning judicial and extrajudicial litigation in this area;
  • manages relations and coordinates with APAC (Agenzia Provinciale degli Appalti e contratti, the regional agency for public procurement) to complete the procedures necessary for the purchase of works, goods and services managed by the Agency;
  • monitors legislation in the area of public procurement and drafts relevant guidelines to assist departments and centres, including through legal advice and assessments of the impact of procurement legislation on the organization;
  • oversees the University's obligations resulting from the University general guideline (atto di indirizzo) and the Stability Pact with the Autonomous Province of Trento as regards the University's involvement in achieving public finance objectives and the specific requirements of the Ministry of University and research;
  • provides advice on administrative, accounting and tax matters and support to the directors of departments and centres.

Via Rosmini, 70 - 38122 Trento TN
dca[at]unitn [dot] it