Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering

Research activities are focused on the key areas of engineering, planning and applied sciences, such as environmental protection, landscape, architecture, natural renewable resources, energy, biomedical sciences, smart structures and materials, risk prevention, infrastructures and efficient and sustainable structures, building and estates, service networks and territory.

At DICAM we foster innovation and shape sustainability. The department is deeply involved in all these areas with high quality research and higher education programmes in line with the most prestigious research-intensive Universities.
The research activities of the Department may be grouped into six areas:

  • Environmental Resources, Security and Climate Change
  • Mechanics, Materials and Smart Structures
  • Surveying, planning and design for sustainable places – SusPlaces
  • Energy and Green Technologies
  • Architectural Sciences
  • Modelling and Simulation in Engineering and Sciences

Teaching aims to prepare young professionals in engineering and architecture, and researchers able to participate in the economic and cultural growth of society with their creativity and innovation. The department offers three undergraduate courses, three Master’s courses and one five-year Master’s course.

DICAM plays a strategic role as concerns technology transfer from University to the business world: indeed the first start-up of the University of Trento was founded in 2008 within the Department, which currently hosts two of the nine start-ups of the University.

Within the Department, the research work performed at the Doctoral School in Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering is of central importance. The aim of research is to develop an exploratory approach to topics that are relevant for society and call for the development of highly-innovative technologies, methods, and solutions, and to transfer specialized scientific results to problems and applied contexts, with a view to fostering innovation and reinforcing the ties between basic and applied research.


Via Mesiano, 77, 38123 Trento
tel: 0461 281978
dicam[at]unitn [dot] it
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This section provides the list of the theses associated to the Department’s (Centre’s) affiliates. All master’s degree and five-years-degree theses are included. Bachelor’s degree theses are also included, up to 2015 (as of that year, delivering a thesis is not compulsory in undergraduate programs; even when the submission of a written paper is required, such a text is not recorded as a thesis), as well as doctoral theses. Data source: TEA (UniTrento information system on degrees’ theses, managed by the University Library) for master's and bachelor's theses; IRIS (UniTrento Istitutional Research Information System) for doctoral theses.
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