Exam "General linguistics and glottology"
Wednesday 02 November 2022

Starting from the A.A. 2022/23 the examination of "General linguistics and glottology" has a different program and takes place through two partial tests, the first on part 1 of the course (from January 2023), the second on part 2 of the course (from June 2023). Students must enroll on Esse3 at each of the two partial tests and at the whole exam of 12 credits. The achievement of the 12 cfu will be recorded not in the partial tests, but in the entire exam, after passing both partial tests.  

Students of previous years must take the exam with the previous program and cannot take the partial exams. They must then register on Esse3 to the 12 cfu exam.

Opening of the Interuniversity Research Centre "LinE - Language in Education
Events (Conference, Seminar, Workshop)
Thursday 29 September 2022

Thursday, October 6 from 15 to 17 at the Auditorium of the Department of Letters and Philosophy in via T. Gar 14, Trento, will be held the opening of the Interuniversity Research Center "line - Language in Education".

To participate, in person or online, you can register by October 5 at the link shown on the page: www.unitn.it/centro-line

The Interuniversity Research Center "line - Language in Education" was created to promote national, international and interdisciplinary collaborations of research, educational experimentation and dissemination, as the update for teachers of different disciplines also comparing Italian and other European countries, on the key role that language and communication play in all phases of teaching, such as the construction of knowledge, teacher interaction-students and students, the assessment, with particular attention to the integration between different communication modes (linguistic, visual, musical, symbolic-mathematical, ...) in teaching.

The Centre is interested in the language and communication strategies adopted in the disciplinary teaching of different subjects, both at school and at university, both in mother tongue and in foreign language. It includes 177 teachers and researchers, belonging to 44 different scientific-disciplinary sectors, both in the humanities and in science.

The Centre is divided into 12 units operating at the Universities of Trento (leader), Bologna, Bolzano, Ghent, Innsbruck, Malta, Messina, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Padua, Parma, Turin and Verona. 

The administrative seat is the Department of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Trento.

The website of the Centre offers a bibliography, updated to 2022 of more than 1600 publications on 23 topics related to language education and teaching language, available free access for teachers, researchers, students.

The Centre is funded with funds from CeASUm - Centro di Alti Studi Umanistici within the Project Department of Excellence 2018-2022 of the Department of Letters and Philosophy and the University Strategic Plan 2022-2027 as a Departmental Project.