2011 Ph.D in Social Research Methodology and Applied Sociology – Social Work curriculum. Dissertation Title  Dilemmi etici e criteri di scelta degli assistenti sociali nei servizi per i minori (Ethical Dilemmas and choices of social worker in child protection services) XXIII ciclo

1997  - Essex University (Colchester UK) Summer School in Social Science and Data Analysis and Collection, European Center for Analysis in Social Science (ECASS)

1992  Honours in Political Science - social policies - University of MIlan (score 110/110)

1982 Bachelor in Social Work -  School for Social Workers, Milan, Italy – MA Degree in Social Work (score 110/110)

Academic career and teaching activities

President of the Bachelor in social work 

Research interests

Child protection systems and Social work practice;

Ethics in social work; 

Participation and social work

Decision making in Social work

Professional identities and organisation

Social work education

Qualitative research methods e participatory research

Research work

Attività di ricerca in corso 

 2019 - present “COPING - Construction of Parenting in Insecure Grounds” -PRIN research Project - Principal Investigator: Prof. Silvia Fargion. Member of the Research Unit related to Parenting in high conflict separations. Ongoing main activities: data collection (qualitative interviews) and analysis (grounded theory with Nvivo)

2017 - 2020 -  Consiglio Nazionale Assistenti Sociali - “Ruolo e qualità del servizio sociale nelle attività di tutela dei minorenni” (Role and quality of social workers in child protection activities). Principal investigator: Research design, project management, data collection and analysis. Coordination of research sub teams. Direct involvement in two Research Units, dedicated at “the prescribed role of social workers” (document analysis), and at “the enacted role” (practice research).

Memberships in societies and scientific committees
  • 2019 - Present - Member of the editorial board, European Journal of Social Work
  • 2019  - 2021 Chair of the EASSW (European Association of Schools of Social Work)
    • 2015 - 2019 member of the EASSW Executive Board - secretary from 2017 to 2019
  • 2015 - present - Member of SOCISS - Società Italiana ricerca Servizio Sociale 
  • 2012 - Present Member to ESWRA  (European Social Work Research Association)
    • Member of the Special Interest Group of Decision - Assessemnt and Risk (DARSIG)
    • founding Member of Special Interest Group  of Research on Ethics (SWERG)
  • 2008 - present AIS Member of Italian Sociological Association - Social policies section 
  • AIV -  Member ot the Italian Association Evaluation
  • 2009  - 2015 Member of the executive committee  AIDOSS - Associazione Italiana Docenti di Servizio Sociale (Italian Association of Social Work Educators) 




Other work

traning activities for social professions 

2019-2021 President of EASSW - European Association Schools of Social Work -