2011 Ph.D in Social Research Methodology and Applied Sociology – Social Work curriculum. Dissertation Title  Dilemmi etici e criteri di scelta degli assistenti sociali nei servizi per i minori (Ethical Dilemmas and choices of social worker in child protection services) XXIII ciclo

2000 - 2002 - “Training for trainers” - Two years of school at the Studio APS “Studio Analisi Psicosociale” in Milan, Seminars and residential courses on analysis of organisational processes, building and conducting teams, managing conflicts in the organisations. 

1997  - Essex University (Colchester UK) Summer School in Social Science and Data Analysis and Collection, European Center for Analysis in Social Science (ECASS)

1992  Honours in Political Science. Social policies - University of MIlan 

1982 Bachelor in Social Work -  School for Social Workers, Milan, Italy – MA Degree in Social Work

Research interests

Child protection systems and Social work practice;

Ethics in social work; 

Participation and social work

Decision making in Social work

Professional identities and organisation

Social work education

Qualitative research methods e participatory research