Francesca Mussi

Via Tommaso Gar, 14 - 38122 Trento
francesca.mussi[at]unitn [dot] it

PhD in International Law, University of Milano-Bicocca, 2017

Master's Degree in Law, University of Parma, 2011


Admitted to the Italian Bar, 2018

Research interests

Protection of fundamental rights

International migration law

Law of the sea

Access to justice in Africa

Memberships in societies and scientific committees

Member of the Italian Society of International Law

Conferences and lectures

“The EU Draft Directive on Corporate Due Diligence: A Legal Instrument to Effectively Encourage a Gender-responsive Sustainability?”, paper presented at the International Conference “Contested Equality: International and Comparative Legal Perspectives”, University of Zurich, 21.10.2022; 

“Corporate due diligence obligations on human rights and the environment: the perspective of EU law”, paper presented at the Seminar “Corporate due diligence in Europe and legislative initiatives of single nations. Towards an actual state engagement for human rights respect along the supply chain?”, School of Law, University of Trento, 12.10.2022;

“Migration Flows and the Protection of Women’s Rights”, paper presented at the Conference LAWGEM – Gendering Law: Challenges and Perspectives, LUMSA University Palermo, 7.10.2022;

“An Umbrella with Holes? The EU Draft Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence and Its Potential Impact on the Protection of Fundamental Rights”, paper presented at the Young Researchers’ Workshop “European Human Rights Protection – Twenty Years from Now”, Academy for European Human Rights Protection, University of Cologne, 15.9.2022;

“Obblighi di diligenza delle imprese in materia di diritti umani e ambiente: la prospettiva del diritto dell’Unione europea”, paper presented at the Conference “Le nuove frontiere della responsabilità sociale d’impresa: verso una crescita sostenibile e inclusiva”, School of International Studies, University of Trento, 4.4.2022;

"Migrazioni irregolari via mare: spunti per un'analisi meno frammentaria del quadro normativo internazionale di riferimento”, paper presented at the Conference “El Desarrollo del Derecho del Mar desde una perspectiva Argentina y Europea”, Universidad FASTA Mar del Plata (Argentina); Universidade da Coruña; Università degli Studi di Perugia, 1.10.2021;

“La cooperazione bilaterale tra Stati quale strumento di gestione delle migrazioni: linee di tendenza della prassi italiana e spunti in relazione al Kosovo”, paper presented at the Conference “Minori stranieri non accompagnati e istituzioni in Friuli Venezia Giulia”, Università degli Studi di Trieste, 1.07.2021;

"The Right to Leave Any Country, including One's Own", in International Law”: paper presented at the Conference “Externalisation of Borders: Detention Practices and Denial of the Right to Asylum”, organised by Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI), Lagos (Nigeria), 25-26.02.2020;

"International Law and Cinema”, paper presented at the International Conference “Teaching International Law”, University of Innsbruck, 16.01.2020;

"International Waters as a Legal No Man’s Land? The Approach of Italian Courts on the Exercise of Criminal Jurisdiction over Migrant Smugglers on the High Seas", paper presented at the 5th Annual TAU Workshop for Junior Scholars in Law "Rethinking Law and Boundaries", Tel Aviv University, Buchmann Faculty of Law, 18.11.2019;

“Exercising Criminal Jurisdiction over Migrant Smugglers in International Waters: Some Remarks on the Recent Case-Law of Italian Courts”, paper presented at the International Conference“La seguridad nacional en el mar: más allá de la estrategia de seguridad marítima”, University of Santiago de Compostela, School of Law, 3.10.2019;

“Monitoring Progress on SDG 16 and Aspiration 3 of the 2063 Agenda: Can the African Peer Review Mechanism Represent an Effective Tool for Both?”, paper presented at the International Conference “Rule of Law in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda”, Loyola University of Chicago, School of Law, Campus J. Felice (Rome), 1.02.2019;

“Using Film Resources in International Law/European Law Courses”, paper presented at the International Conference “Teaching International Law”, University of Innsbruck, 24.01.2019;

“From the Campbell Case to a Recent Ruling of the High Court of Pretoria: Not All Hope Is Lost for the Tribunal of the Southern African Development Community?”, paper presented at the International Conference “The Judicial Power of Africa’s Supranational Courts/Le pouvoir judiciaire des cours supranationales d’Afrique”, University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, 21.09. 2018;

“The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa: An EU Instrument to Effectively Promote the Rule of Law?”, paper presented at the 11th Annual Legal Research Network Conference “Legal Developments in Europe and the Future of European Rule of Law”, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 5.09.2018;

"Aspetti giuridici (diritto internazionale)" (with Prof. Tullio Scovazzi), paper presented at the Conference "Il diritto all’identità dei migranti morti in viaggio”, University of Milano-Bicocca, School of Law, 14.11.2017; 

"Facing the Challenges of Migration at Sea: The Controversial Implementation of the Duty to Render Assistance at Sea in the Mediterranean", paper presented at the 3rd International Conference of ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge “Cultures, Hopes and Conflicts. The Mediterranean between Land and Sea”, University of Salerno, 27.09.2017; 

"Irregular Migration at Sea: Some Remarks on the Adequacy of the Gender-neutral Character of the UN Smuggling Protocol", paper presented at the International Conference "Exploring the Human Element of the Oceans: The Gender Implications of the Law of the Sea ", University of Milano-Bicocca, School of Law, 26.05.2017; 

"Smuggling of Migrants in the Mediterranean Sea: Assessing the Adequacy of Recent EU Measures from the Perspective of Migrants' Rights Protection", paper presented at the workshop "Protecting the Unprotected", Ruhr-University Bochum, School of Law, 20.9.2016; 

"Protecting Europe or Smuggled Migrants? The Mandate of the UN Security Council in the Mediterranean Sea", paper presented at the "Human Rights Research Students' Conference 2016", University of Essex, School of Law, 6.7.2016; 

"Bilateral Cooperation on Migration Control: Comparing Italy-Libya and Australia-Indonesia" (with Nikolas Tan), paper presented at the 18th UCD Irish European Law Forum "Europe's Shared Burden: Collective Responsibility for Migrants at Sea", University College Dublin, Sutherland School of Law, 9.10.2015; 

"Climate Induced Migration: What Legal Protection for Climate Migrants at the International Level?", paper presented at the International Conference "The Common Good: The Role of Integrity in the Support of Life and Human Security", University of Parma, 2.07.2015; 

"The Italian Case: Reconciling the Fight against Irregular Migration by Sea with Human Rights Protection", paper presented at the "Graduate Conference on Human Rights 2015", University of Glasgow, School of Law, 21.05.2015; 

"The Impact of the Hirsi Jamaa Judgment on the Cooperation between Italy and Libya on Migration Control", paper presented at the "University of Copenhagen Postgraduate Law Conference 2015", University of Copenhagen, School of Law, 30.01.2015; 

"Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean Basin: Cooperation between States or a Way to Evade Responsibilities?", paper presented at the IVème session du Centre de recherche Franco-Italien "La gestion et la recomposition des espaces: aspects de droit international et de droit européen", Faculté de Droit de l'Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, 11.09.2014.

(Scientific Coordinator ) International Roundtable“The Role of Africa’s Supranational Courts in the Protection of Fundamental Rights: Contributions and Challenges”, University of Trento, School of Law, 13.05.2019;

(Scientific Coordinator with Prof. Marco Pertile) Seminar “The Implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Italy: The Role of Civil Society in Monitoring Gender-Based Violence”, University of Trento, School of Law, 10.05.2019.