Verbal fluency in Parkinson's disease pre- and post-DBS
DIPSCO students/ CIMeC students 
Tuesday 30 January 2024

The specific analyses will require entering the words that the patients produced in a digital database, counting the total score for each task, calculating groupings of words (i.e., cluster size), changes in categories (i.e., switches) and, for each word  extracting eight different word properties (i.e., age of acquisition, concreteness, word frequency, orthographic neighbourhood etc

Standardization and validation of a prospective memory test
Wednesday 03 January 2024
Insula and heartbeat interference in emotional words processing
Wednesday 03 January 2024
The cerebellum and language deficits
Wednesday 03 January 2024

rTMS study on normal subjects on the role of the cerebellum in predictability in language