Academic career and teaching activities

Roberta Cuel (Ph.D.) is associate professor of Organizations Studies and Human Resources Management, at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento. Her research interests are aimed at discovering the impacts of ICT on the living conditions of companies, in particular on intangible assets, routines and practices, teams and communities, and business models.

- President: Committee for Equal Opportunities, Well-being at Work and Against Discriminations (CUG)
- Head of the European Master in Business Studies (EMBS), which sees the collaboration of 4 European universities: University of Trento (Italy), University of Leon (Spain), University of Annecy (France), University of Kassel (Germany)
- Member of the Patent Commission of the University of Trento
- Member of the teaching staff of the PhD in Industrial Innovation of the University of Trento
- Member of the executive committee of the PhD in Industrial Innovation of the University of Trento
- Member of the Joint Commission for Student Professors of the Department of Economics and Management
- Delegated by the director for the management of the department website
- Delegate of the department director for UNITN Alumni project
- Head of Erasmus destinations for the Department of Economics and Management Åbo Akademi University and Turku University, Finland

Research interests

Among others:

  • Socio-technical System and the interdependences between technologies and organizations. In particular the impact (non impacts) of innovative technologies on teams, communities, and organizational models;
  • The study of distributed tools and processes that allow organizational learning and knowledge management;
  • Knowledge representation systems and tools (such as ontologies, classifications, taxonomies) as mechanisms for knowledge reification processes.
Research work

Coordinates the EU Jean Monnet project:  ISS-EU - Internationalization and Soft Skills for Change Management in Europe (2019 - 2022) -

Participates in various projects related to the impact of COVID on work and worker well-being, as:

  • Project  COVID 19 call: COVIDCons: micro-survey to explore the correlation between the diffusion of COVID-19 and the work changes. 1/1/2021 - 31/12/2022
  • Project  COVID 19 call: MOSES: Models for Reasoning about the Spreading of Diseases. 1/1/2021 - 31/12/2022
  • Project  COVID 19 call: ELW (Emergencies - Work - Welfare). 1/1/2021 - 31/12/2022 

Among others, participation in the following projects:

  • PACAS: EU FP7 project: PACAS. The main objective of PACAS is to better understand, model and analyze changes at different layers of the ATM system to support change management, while capturing how architectural and design choices influence the overall system.
  • PACER: Regional financed project: PACER. The main objective of PACER is to design and create a means to describe and execute processes of care continuity for patients with chronic diseases. In particular, it intends to: (i) formalize a welfare therapeutic diagnostic path; (ii) Develop an integrated multi-professional medical record; (iii) formalize critical procedures especially related to data and process integration.
  • S-GROUPER: Progetto Ricerca Applicata, LP 6/99
  • EU-FP7 "INSEMTIVES: Incentives for semantics" (project number FP7-231181), -
  • FET-EU "Liquid Publications: Scientific Publications meet the Web" (FET-Open grant number: 213360), -
  • 2013 The impact of social network and ICT on marketing strategies. Project coordinator
  • 2012. Gestione delle risorse collettive e valore aggiunto per le comunità locali. Project coordinator.
  • 2001-2004. Knowledge Web project. FP6 Network of Excellence. Researcher and WP coordinator
  • Since July 2002. Net Economy group (group coordinator and researcher).
  • January 2002 – February 2003. EDAMOK (Enabling Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge) project. Junior researcher
  • January 2000 – January 2001 visiting PhD. student at the School of Information at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI).
Memberships in societies and scientific committees
  • Since 2017 member of the editorial board of ECIS
  • Since 2014 member of the editorial review committee "The Learning Organization" ISSN: 0969-6474
  • Since 2012 member of the Editorial Review Board (ERB) of the International Journal of the Academy of Organizational Behavior Management (IJAOBM).
  • Since 2011 reviewer of the Journal Knowledge Management Research & Practice ISSN: 1477-8238
  • Since 2009 member of the review board of the KES Journal: innovation in intelligent and knowledge-based engineering systems.