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Friday 23 December 2022

I'll gladly supervise dissertations on the following areas and topics:

Semiotics of Translation, Translation Studies and Literary Translation, Isotopy in Translation (especially for LLT and LM37 students)

Corpus Linguistics and English for Academic Purposes

Language and Communication in new Media and Social Media, 

Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis, Newspaper Discourse

Metaphor Studies 

The Language of Advertising

Sociolinguistics and Language Variation  //  Irish English // The History of Language in Ireland  // Dubbing and Irish Cinema

Comics and Underground Culture  // Semiotics of Comics  // Comics in Translation

Academic Writing and Rhetoric

With respect to the graphic features of dissertations and reference guidelines students scan follow the MLA. A complete guide can be found at the Purdue University website. Here follow some useful links.

As for the format:


As for quotations and references:


As for in-text citations (footnotes should in fact be avoided, with the exception of website addresses):


As regards the List of Works Cited: (and related pages, please see the list of links on the left of the screen)