1983 Degree in Physics, obtained at the University of Trento with points 108/110, discussing a thesis entitled "Theory and experimentation on interaction in human systems", supervisor Prof. Alberto Silvestri.
1976 Scientific high school diploma, obtained at the Marcelline Institute in Bolzano with a score of 60/60.

Academic career and teaching activities

2002 – present    Associate Professor in Computer Science, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Department of Computer and Management Sciences, Department of Industrial Engineering
1988 – 2001        Researcher in Computer Sciences, Department of Computer and Management Sciences, Department of  Information and Communication Technology
1983 – 1987        Research fellow, Department of Computer and Management Sciences

Since 1989, lecturer for many courses in the Information Systems and Software Engineering areas at the University of Trento: Department of Economics and Management, Department of Industrial Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Department of Humanities. Current courses are: Enterprise Information Systems (master degree), Tourism Information Systems (master degree), Web strategies (School of Innovation, doctorate programmes).
Among the courses held in the past, Information Systems Design, Web Engineering; ICT for didactics of Economics; Software Engineering.

Involved in the development and evolution of ICT studies in business, economics, humanities, and engineering departments of the University of Trento: among the proposed initiatives, a Computer Science and Organisations “specialisation” for the master’s degrees of the Economics Faculty, that evolved in a master’s degree in “Net Economy”. Experience gained through years of working with the few colleagues in computer science at the University of Trento was used to collaborate to the creation of a department dedicated to computer science (first named Department of Information and Communication Technology and then renamed Information Engineering and Computer Science).
Proposed the introduction of the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) to certify students’ ICT knowledge, first university in Italy to adopt it (1998); person in charge for ECDL related projects at the Faculty of Economics for a decade.
Member of the working group for the Foundation level syllabus to the substitution of ISO/IEEE 830 standard by the ISO/IEEE 29148 standard (2011)
Collaboration with the Management Center Innsbruck – MCI to develop the “Business Software Engineering” bachelor
Member of the national observatory AICA-CINI-MIUR for ICT Teaching and certification in Italian Universities and high schools (from 2002 to 2010).
Co-director of the Computer Science and Organisations programme at the University of Trento Faculty of Economics (2001–2003 ); Manager of computer science laboratory of the University of Trento Department of Computer and Management Sciences, approx. 150 users (1998–2003); 
Head of ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) University of Trento branch to certify computer science levels of entering economics students (1998–2010 )

She has been visiting and lecturer in several institutions both in Italy and abroad and has collaborated with other universities on joint projects:
Computer Science Department, University of Durham, UK (European Teaching Staff Mobility); Università di Bari; IIASS International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies, Vietri sul Mare; Università dell’Aquila; Accademia di Commercio e Turismo di Trento; International Centre of Studies on the Tourism Economy - CISET, Venezia; Trento School of Management; TU-Technische Universitaet Wien (Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility); USI - Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano (during a sabbatical leave), Universidad Nacional De La Pampa, Università de La Plata, Argentina (European alfa project: WEE-NET - Web Engineering Network of Excellence); Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada; Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada (dal 2008).

Thesis supervisor in scientific and arts and humanities degrees (ca. 100) and doctoral programmes. Supervisor of a student of the “Master in Information Technology”, University of Science and Technology, Masinde Muliro, Kenia.
Advisor per tesi di dottorato in “Information and Communication Technology e di Materials”, “Mechatronics and Systems Engineering” e per un dottorato in Computer Science dell'Università di Dar Es Salaam.

Students’ and post-doc stages supervisor, both Italian and from abroad (Turkey, Argentina).

Research interests


Multidisciplinary researchers with expertise in different areas, particularly in e-tourism, web presence strategy, natural language processing, and ICT certifications.

Current research interests include creativity techniques for requirements elicitation, linguistic tools to extract requirements from legal documents and for web reputation monitoring.

ORCID: 0000-0002-0018-6883

Web of Science ResearcherID - J-2111-2012

Research work

Multidisciplinary researchers with expertise in different areas, particularly in e-tourism, web presence strategy, natural language processing, and ICT certifications.
Current research interests include creativity techniques for requirements elicitation, linguistic tools to extract requirements from legal documents and for web reputation monitoring.

ORCID: 0000-0002-0018-6883

Web of Science ResearcherID - J-2111-2012


Author or co-author of over 200 papers and publications.

Google Scholar:

Research contributions in the different research areas are highlighted in the attached document. The most relevant contribution in requirements engineering is the definition of a new versions of a creativity technique that resulted more effective than brainstorming for requirements elicitation.

A notable achievement is the definition of an integrated framework based on an original model – the 7Loci meta-model – to support a web presence strategy planning, according to a goal-driven approach. The framework has been applied in many courses for student projects, and in real projects. It has also been adopted by colleagues in other Universities.

The application of linguistic tools of different complexity and for different goals allowed to identify the limitations of lightweight approaches, and the areas in which semantics is necessary, e.g., for modelling requirements and for artificial intelligence explainability.



In charge of research programs and projects, mostly related to the application of ICT in tourism: head of the research area “ICT and tourism” of the e-tourism group in the Faculty of Economics (2002 -2012); responsible for the University of Trento of the European alfa project: WEE-NET – Web Engineering Network of Excellence (2005-2008); head of the quality for the Trento Unit of the European project “Papyrus – Cultural and historical digital libraries dynamically mined from news archives” (2008-2010).

Reviewer for many academical journals, including the Journal of Information Technology &Tourism (editorial board), the Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (editorial board),  the Journal of Requirements Engineering and the Journal of Data and Knowledge Engineering.

Most recent invited talks: Ai beyond bits and bots, Workshop on Analytics in Tourism Design, Wien, Austria, 2017; The challenges of digital destinations, Italian day. Digital strategies for cultural and creative tourism. Co-located at ENTER 2017, Rom, 2017; Artificial Intelligence for customer experience, Consumer Behavior & Tourism Analytics (CBTS) Summit, University of Bolzano, Brunico, 2018; AI4CX - Artificial Intelligence for customer experience, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, University of Pavia, Pavia, 2019.

Recent publication of two recent books chapters on Artificial Intelligence and Tourism (AI and Big Data in Tourism, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) as a contribution to adopt an information systems approach and to apply innovative AI tools in Tourism.
As a member of the IREB (International requirements engineering) think tank (since 2011, support for the Italian version of the CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) schema and to improve the IREB website.
A recent PhD – the student was a secondary school teacher – investigating the project-based approach to support competency-based learning allowed to exploit the teaching experience gained in more than three decades and in turn to disseminate the results of the thesis into the community of the ICT teachers in the region (Trentino, North of Italy).

Memberships in societies and scientific committees

Member of the Association for Computing Machinery - ACM (since 2001); of the IEEE Computer Society (since 2001), of the International Federation for Information Technology and Tourism - IFITT (since 2000), and of the Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico - AICA (since1988). 

Member of program and organisational committees, including ENTER (Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism, since 2011); NLDB (Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, since 2009); RE (Requirements Engineering); LAWEB (Latin American Web Congress, 2006-2008); Didamatica (since 2017); NLP4RE (Natural Language Processing for Requirements Engineering, since 2018).
Other scientific and organisational committees: AICA - Congresso annuale Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico: 2003; AIRE - Third International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Requirements Engineering: 2016, 2017; ECIS - European Conference on Information Systems: IT in Tourism and Travel: 2005; IADIS - International Conference: 2002, 2003; ICWE - International Conference on Web Engineering: 2003; ICWI - International Conference WWW/Internet: 2003, 2004; IRMA - International Conference: 2001; ITIT - Conferenza Italiana Innovazione e Tecnologie dell’Informazione per il Turismo: 2005; SMC - International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: dal 2013; SWSTE - IEEE International Conference on Software – Science, Technology & Engineering: 2012, 2014, 2016; USARE - International Workshop on Usability and Accessibility focused Requirements Engineering: 2012, 2014; Workshop Turismo e Internet: una relazione possibile: 2000

Board member of AICA-CINI-CRUI National Observatory for ICT certifications (from 2003 to 2010); AICA-CINI Committee for ECDL and ICT certification; WTO-IFITT Destination Web Watch; Trentino Tourism System; Board IFITT Italian chapter for four years; IREB - International Requirements Engineering Board


Other work

Website design and quality evaluation projects for tourism destination management organisations (Suedtirol tourism, web site and online reservation quality evaluation; Visit Trentino, member of the technical committee for the web presence strategy; Trentino Marketing, web reputation study).
Action-tracking projects to evaluate the economic impact of cultural events for the Municipality of Trento: Festival of Economics; Christmas market; Mountain Film Festival.

Member of projects evaluation committees and expert evaluator for funding bodies.
Luxembourg national research fund, FNR: 2 projects of CORE - Multi-annual thematic research programme (2018); Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo, MIBACT: Call for tenders for Museums’ online reputation monitoring (2017-2018); Campania Start Up: 2 projects PO FESR 2014-2020 (2017-2018); Trentino Sviluppo SpA: call for tenders for the B2C tourism website (2014); Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, MIUR: call for proposals for Scientific Independence of young Researchers, SIR (2014); Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Law 6/1999: BankWay Metasystem, DedaGroup SpA (2009); Methods and algorithms for semantic analysis, Cogito and Expert systems (2010); SNFS and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation: Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland, SCOPES project (2009).