Directorate of Communication and External Relations

The Directorate of Communication and External Relations oversees initiatives aimed at promoting the University, highlighting in particular its international dimension and relations with external organizations and employers.

The directorate, in particular:

  • promotes the University by strengthening and widening its participation in national and international networks and projects
  • develops and monitors the University's relationships with other organizations
  • manages political information from the governing bodies to the media
  • manages actions aimed at the development of the University's international relations
  • defines the communication plans and manages the initiatives they contain
  • works for the development of web and social media communication
  • develops event promotion and branding campaigns for the University as a whole and its departments and centres
  • organizes scientific dissemination events
  • provides support to identify new communication initiatives and tools for fundraising and for the recruitment of international students
  • develops relations between the University and employers, in collaboration with academic departments and centres
  • manages initiatives that bring together students, graduates and employers
  • manages projects to support and develop university sport
  • supports associations and groups and manages activities designed for them
  • manages activities aimed at widening and consolidating the Alumni network, and at supporting Alumni associations and groups

The Directorate of Communication and External Relations includes the following offices and divisions:

  • International student recruitment
  • Press Office and External Relations
  • Web and Social Media Office
  • Events, Branding and Graphic Projects Division
  • Relations with employers and local organizations
  • International Relations Division
  • Special projects

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