Application Services Division - Administration, Interoperability and Platforms

The division is responsible for the provision of services and assistance to all users affiliated with the University’s organizational units and governance bodies, both online and offline. It oversees and manages shared technological services in the main premises (rectorate, department buildings, Central University Library).

It is in charge of the analysis and development of middleware for software applications and provides the relevant support. It implements systems for the management and evolution of the ICT services access model (for logical and physical resources) through the Identity Management System and other services.

It cooperates with other divisions to ensure the adoption of shared practices and standards to access and use the services and to share internal, external and cloud information. Provides support in the implementation of access policies established by operational rules and procedures and in monitoring their efficacy.

It makes an assessment of requirements and finds possible solutions for the upgrade of services. It collects and publishes information, service quality benchmarks, statistical data, technical documents and manuals.


Via di Briamasco, 2, Trento, 38122 TN