Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science

The department is devoted to the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour: from the creation of models of human functioning to the development of applications in the fields of psychology, education, work, and social organization.

The department’s core research focuses on the creation of models explaining the functioning of the human mind and behaviour, both in normal and in pathological conditions, using empirically-verifiable scientific methods and a rigorous multidisciplinary approach. This is possible thanks to the interplay of different skills and knowledge and the numerous research perspectives pertaining to experimental and applied psychology, the neurosciences, pedagogy, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, and cognitive technologies, all disciplines that pertain to the Cognitive Sciences. These models are applied to various fields: psycho-diagnostics, social and psychological rehabilitation, the use and implementation of new technologies, the management of groups and organizations, the analysis of working and social environments. The department adopts an integrated approach to the study of the mind, the brain and behaviour, unique among Italian universities.

The key research areas are:

  • Social Mind
  • Clinical and cognitive neurosciences
  • Organization, education and cultural studies
  • Quantitative methodologies and cognitive technologies

A number of laboratories focus on research in specific subjects:

  • Laboratory of Cognitive and Social Sciences
  • Laboratory of Physiology and Affiliative Behaviours
  • Laboratory of Neurocognitive Development
  • Observation, Diagnosis and Education Laboratory (ODFLab)
  • Laboratory of Quantitative Psychology (QPSYLab)
  • Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Quality and Innovation of Didactics (LIQuID)

The department offers 3 Bachelor degree courses, one of which is organized with the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Ferrara and with the Sociology department of the University of Trento, and 2 Master’s degree courses.
The department also provides courses within the Doctoral School in Cognitive Sciences.


Corso Bettini, 84, Rovereto, 38068 TN
tel: 0464 808401
dipartimentopsc[at]unitn [dot] it
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