Scientific Publications – Open Access, Research Registry, Publishing Activities

The office manages, through archives and databases, the scientific outputs of all the members of the University of Trento to support research and facilitate their dissemination, consultation, evaluation.

In particular, the office is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of IRIS (the open access Institutional Research Information System).

It collaborates with Cineca’s focus groups and with the IOSSG group as regards Open Science, in particular on the evaluation of research.

The office oversees the cataloguing, filing and consultation of theses and dissertations available in Open Access.

It supports the University’s publishing activity, specifically on the Open Access Green and Gold Roads, through services aimed at the University’s authors, students and PhD students, lecturers and possible publishers, providing assistance on issues of copyright and plagiarism. 


Via Giuseppe Verdi, 8, Trento, 38122 TN
UfficioArchiviEditoria[at]unitn [dot] it
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