Communications and Events Division

The Communication and Events Division oversees all communication channels and tools for the University’s external and internal communication, and is responsible for the University’s official communications.

Taking into account the suggestions of the Director General, it draws up a multi-year communication plan in line with the Strategic Plan, the Performance Plan, and the specific communication policies formulated by the delegate for communication and by other delegates on matters of communication. The Multi-year communication plan is approved by the Academic Senate and includes a yearly operational plan.

It has a coordinating function for the three offices it oversees: Web, Social Media and Video Productions, Publications and Print and Events and Branding (which also serves as a liaison for the campus offices in Trento, Povo-Mesiano, and Rovereto). 

The division:

  • manages and develops the content and visual image of the University’s websites and supports the websites of departments and centres
  • is responsible for the University’s web and social media communications
  • is in charge of internal communications (e-mails, promotional videos)
  • designs and creates University promotional videos
  • defines communication projects for international student recruitment, provides support to fundraising activities and in the communication of research and sport news
  • designs and organizes local dissemination events
  • manages the University trademark and is responsible for the University’s visual identity and advertising campaigns
  • designs and creates the University’s periodicals (Knowtransfer, UniTrentoMag)
  • oversees the work of Print services for different publications and printed materials, and supports the departments and centres with their publications
  • is responsible for the design and layout of University publications and printed materials for advertising and events
  • prints publications and other materials for teaching and information purposes
  • maintains the University photo collection

For more information on the following:

  • how to use the trademark and logo of the University of Trento
  • the characteristics of University rooms and premises for the organization of events
  • the University’s social media channels
  • University online publications
  • other information on the services offered by the Communication staff in Trento and in the other campuses
  • please visit the Communication page.

please visit: Communication services


Via Calepina, 14, Trento, 38122 TN
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