Central Management

The central management is at the top of the University’s organization pyramid in a relation of political dependence on the Rector. It has a leadership and coordination role vis-à-vis the technical and administrative services to support the University’s institutional activities.

To this end, the Director General establishes, in compliance with the University’s Strategic Plan, the Multiyear plan for the development of services and quality improvement, and reports once a year on its implementation.

In agreement with the Rector and in compliance with the plans approved by the Board of Directors, the Director General adopts regulations on the organization of offices and on the tasks to be assigned to managing staff. He or she also serves as a liaison with the University’s governing bodies, coordinates the 6 divisions that depend from its directorate, and implements the plans, programmes and decisions adopted by the Rector, the Board of Directors, and by other Academic bodies. The Director General also maintains relationships with public institutions.

Through the divisions and offices it coordinates, the Central Management:

  • helps the Quality Assurance Committee (PQA) with quality assurance procedures
  • works with the Rector’s delegate for Sport to design programmes and other initiatives encouraging sport participation and education, research, innovation in the area of sport
  • promotes the University’s information assets in terms of competencies, human capital, and scientific output
  • supports and oversees the work of the University’s governing bodies
  • provides legal opinions, offers legal advice and suggestions, and oversees transparency and corruption prevention policies
  • works with the Evaluation Group in data collection and statistical treatment to comply with legal provisions and for the University’s self-assessment exercise.

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