Centre Agriculture Food Environment - C3A

The Centre Agriculture Food Environment was born out of a joint UNITN-FEM initiative with the aim of carrying out scientific research and instruction in the fields of agriculture, food and the environment.

Operating as a research university, the Centre Agriculture Food Environment covers the entire didactic cycle in the environmental and agri-food sciences and encourages the integration of quality and insightful scientific research and instruction into the intensive agriculture field by focusing on quality food products and the reduction of the environmental impact of agricultural practices and a sustainable use of environmental resources.


Via Edmund Mach, 1, 38010 San Michele All'adige TN
c3a[at]unitn [dot] it
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This section provides the list of the theses associated to the Department’s (Centre’s) affiliates. All master’s degree and five-years-degree theses are included. Bachelor’s degree theses are also included, up to 2015 (as of that year, delivering a thesis is not compulsory in undergraduate programs; even when the submission of a written paper is required, such a text is not recorded as a thesis), as well as doctoral theses. Data source: TEA (UniTrento information system on degrees’ theses, managed by the University Library) for master's and bachelor's theses; IRIS (UniTrento Istitutional Research Information System) for doctoral theses.
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