Department of Humanities

The department promotes, coordinates and manages teaching and research in the area of humanities, and specifically in literature, linguistics, philology, philosophy, history and cultural heritage.
Research in the Department of Humanities encompasses two areas:

  • philosophy, history and cultural heritage
  • language, philology and literature

Philosophy, history and cultural heritage

Researchers in the area of philosophy study the history of philosophy, from the ancient world to contemporary philosophical issues and, with a more theoretical approach, examine issues pertaining to ethics, aesthetics, and political philosophy. Specific attention is devoted to theological studies and interreligious dialogue.

In the area of history, research interests are focused on the history of institutions and public administration, social and communication structures, the interaction between history and culture. Particular interest is paid to the Alpine regions and the relationships between the Italian and Germanic worlds. From a more theoretical point of view, specific studies are dedicated to the means of disseminating the historical memory - at individual and collective levels - and to the relationship between historical research and political ideologies.

In the area of cultural heritage, research activities focus on three main strands: archaeology, history of art, and music.

Language, Philology and Literature

Research in these areas focuses on texts and their contexts.

As regards languages, the department fosters research in English, German, French, Russian, and Spanish, both from a historical point of view (the study of literature) and a synchronic point of view (the study of spoken languages).

Philology and literature are closely tied subjects, following the best Italian and European traditions. Research interests are divided in two main areas: the classical and medieval traditions, both Latin and vernacular, and contemporary literature, explored in a comparative and theoretical perspective.

Two laboratories support research in these areas: one is devoted to the study of European cultural journals (CIRCE: Catalogo Informatico delle Riviste Culturali Europee), the other to contemporary poetry studies (SEMPER: Seminario Permanente di Poesia). Two journals are published by scholars working in this area: “Osservatorio critico della germanistica” (German studies) and “Ticontre” (Theory, Text, Translation).

The department has recently expanded its course offer, which now includes 4 undergraduate degrees and 9 master’s degrees. Students also have the opportunity to participate in training and internship programmes, spend study periods in other European universities and take the double degree programme with the University of Dresden.


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