Department of Sociology and social research

The Department of Sociology and Social Research investigates social and political life in a globalized world.

The department has the distinction of being the first Sociology department founded in Italy, and has consistently been among the best Social Science departments in the country. It is characterized by a strongly multidisciplinary approach and counts amongst its ranks professors and researchers of sociology, political science, history, economics, and anthropology. Faculty and students are encouraged to work within a wide variety of traditions and conceptual approaches which favour an empirical approach to research.

The international profile of the department is evident in the recently launched English-taught Master’s program in Sociology and Social Research, the first of its kind in Italy. Furthermore, a considerable part of the research carried out in the department is published in international peer-reviewed journals and books.

The department has numerous research units, each of which constitutes a specialized forum for faculty and students:

  • Action, Culture, Meaning, and Experience - ACME 
  • Center for Computational Socia Science and Human Dynamics - C2S2 
  • The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Gender - CSG 
  • Center for Social Inequality - CSIS 
  • Research group on collective action, change and transition - CoACT 
  • Democracy and Global Governance – DEMOGLOB 
  • Futures Literacy and Anticipation Theory - FLAT 
  • Research Unit on Communication, Organizational Learning and Aesthetics – RUCOLA 
  • Migration Scenarios and Social Changes - SMMS 
  • Science and Technology in Science - STSTN 
  • Social Work and Social Policies - SW & SP

The degree programs offered through the department are the following:

Bachelor’s degree programs

  • Sociology
  • International Studies
  • Social Work

Master’s degree programs:

  • Data Science
  • Global and local studies
  • Methodology, Organization and Evaluation of Social Services
  • Management of Organizations and Territory
  • Sociology and Social Research

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 26, 38122 Trento
tel: 0461 281300
Visit the website:

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