Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics covers research in most areas of pure mathematics, such as Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Logic, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics.

The Department has a strong interest in applications, which cover among others Biomathematics, Cryptography, Coding Theory, Electromagnetism and Fluidodinamics, Game Theory. On these themes there are several ongoing collaborations with leading companies and organizations.

A laboratory of the Department is devoted to teaching and communication, in collaborations with several schools in the area.
The Department runs a BSc, a MSc, and a PhD programme in Matematics. The MSc and the Phd are held in English, and offer internship with several leading companies and organizations. The Department is a partner in a M.Sc. in Quantitative and Computational Biology. The Department offers courses for several other Departments.

Individual researchers of the Department entertain a vast network of international collaborations. The Department has institutional collaborations with several organizations.


Via Sommarive, 14, 38123 Povo TN
tel: 0461 281508
0461 281625

dept.math[at]unitn [dot] it
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This section provides the list of the theses associated to the Department’s (Centre’s) affiliates. All master’s degree and five-years-degree theses are included. Bachelor’s degree theses are also included, up to 2015 (as of that year, delivering a thesis is not compulsory in undergraduate programs; even when the submission of a written paper is required, such a text is not recorded as a thesis), as well as doctoral theses. Data source: TEA (UniTrento information system on degrees’ theses, managed by the University Library) for master's and bachelor's theses; IRIS (UniTrento Istitutional Research Information System) for doctoral theses.
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