Department of Economics and Management

The department evolved from the Faculty of Economics and Trade, which was founded in Trento in 1973. It brings together the two former departments of Economics (DECO) and Computer Science and Business Studies (DISA).

Research at the DEM covers a wide range of sectors in the economics and management area and its members adopt different perspectives that include theoretical and experimental research, quantitative and experimental methods, case-study analysis and computer simulations.

The department is home to a multidisciplinary research environment where researchers apply a vast array of different approaches to investigate:

  • Business ethics, social enterprises and social innovation
  • Decision making and economic choices
  • Financial markets and economic activity
  • Firm behaviour, strategic management and organization
  • Household and labour economics
  • Institutions, norms and economic policies
  • Tourism, Environment, Sustainable Business and Consumption

Research work takes place in groups that work together in a vast network of national and international collaborations, which ensure that the department regularly hosts visiting researchers and scholars from abroad, organizes seminars, workshops and conferences, and contributes to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.
The department is renowned for its high quality teaching and its graduates enjoy a high employment rate. Among other things, it offers many study options:

3 undergraduate courses to give students a general education in economics:

  • Business administration and law (AAD)
  • Economics and Management (E&M)
  • Business management (GA)

2 additional paths:

  • a four-year course for part-time students with lessons three days a week and support from a tutoring service (in class and for each subject)
  • a five-year programme for the training of professionals (COM)

9 postgraduate courses with a strong focus on professional skills, organized around the main research groups of the department, and capable of offering a cutting-edge learning experience:

  • Economics and business law
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Sustainability and tourism management
  • MIM - Master in International Management
  • EMBS - European Master in Business Studies
  • MAIN - Master in Innovation Management
  • MEC - Master in Economics
  • MEIS - Master in European and International Studies (interdepartmental course)

Bilateral agreements for international mobility

First and second level master’s degrees

Three Doctoral courses: Economics and Management, Development Economics and Local Systems (DELoS), International Studies


Via Vigilio Inama, 5, Trento, 38122 TN
tel: 0461 282100
dem[at]unitn [dot] it
Visit the website:

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