Marco Presotto

Full professor

Department of Humanities

Via Tommaso Gar - 38122 Trento
tel. 0461 282714
marco.presotto[at]unitn [dot] it

He was born in Venice in 1965, he graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at the "Ca 'Foscari" University of Venice in 1991. He obtained the title of PhD in Iberian Studies in 1996. He lived in Barcelona during the years 1995-1999, where he continued his studies on Spanish classical theater as a member of the Prolope Project directed by Alberto Blecua (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

Academic career and teaching activities

In the period 1996-1999 he worked as an Italian language teacher at the Escola de Idiomes Moderns of the Universidad de Barcelona. In 2000 he took up service as a Researcher of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Bologna. From September 2002 to December 2010 he was full professor of Spanish literature at the "Ca 'Foscari" University of Venice; he then moved to the University of Bologna where he held the same position until January 31, 2021. He has held numerous institutional positions at the two universities to which he belongs.

In the period 2000-2002 he held complementary seminars on classical Spanish literature at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bologna and was the holder of a Spanish language course.

In the period 2002-2010 he regularly taught classical Spanish literature, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, within first and master's degree courses at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the "Ca 'Foscari" University of Venice.

In the period 2011-2020 he regularly taught classical and contemporary Spanish Literature and History of Spanish Culture at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (later "School") of the University of Bologna. He also coordinated until 2019 the teaching of Basque language and culture and Catalan language and culture and the seminar of digital editions of literary texts.

Research interests

Spanish Literature of the Golden Age

History of Spanish Theatere

Miguel de Cervantes

Lope de Vega

Authorial philology

Digital Humanities

Theater and Cinema

Research work

His research activity has focused on the theater of the Siglo de Oro, with numerous essays, critical and scholar editions. His interests also turned to medieval Spanish poetry "cancioneril", with a critical edition of La nao de amor and la Misa de amores by Juan de Dueñas (1997), and to the dramatic production of the early eighteenth century, in particular by José de Cañizares (2001 and 2013), within the Center for Studies on the Spanish Eighteenth Century of the University of Bologna. His contributions include the edition of the Novelas a Marcia Leonarda for the publisher Castalia (2007), the coordination of the critical edition of Part IX of Lope de Vega's comedies, in which he edited La dama boba (2007), the edition of Antonio Mira de Amescua's work No hay dicha ni desdicha hasta la muerte (2009) and Juan de la Cueva's tragedies in a volume introduced by a posthumous study by Rinaldo Froldi (2013 ). He recently studied the theater production of Miguel de Cervantes, and wrote the chapter of the "Historia del texto" of the volume of his  Comedias y tragedias published by the Real Academia Española (2017).

In the context of Digital Humanities, he coordinated the realization of an experimental project of critical edition and digital archive of La dama boba by Lope de Vega (2015) which had as its main development, in 2018, the award of a European Marie Curie grant (researcher Sònia Boadas) around the study of the collaborative nature of the theater of Lope de Vega; he also collaborated in the development of some projects related to the creation of databases and digital libraries, in particular within the italian national project called: "Il teatro spagnolo (1570–1700) e l’Europa: studio, edizione di testi e nuovi strumenti digitali" (PRIN 2015, national coordination Fausta Antonucci) of which he coordinated the Bologna unit.

He has collaborated on international projects on the Teatro del Siglo de Oro such as « TC/12. Patrimonio teatral clásico español" financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, "Argumentos y textos del teatro clásico español (Artelope) "directed by Joan Oleza of the Universidad de Valencia and "Aula-Biblioteca Mira de Amescua "directed by Agustín de la Granja della Universidad de Granada. He currently collaborates with «Proyecto Lope Edición (Prolope)» directed by Gonzalo Pontón and Ramón Valdés of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Memberships in societies and scientific committees

Associazione Italiana Ispanisti (President 2021-2023)

Associazione italiana catalanisti

Associazione Sigismondo Malatesta

Asociación española de Humanidades digitales

Anuario Lope de Vega

Anuario Calderoniano


Bulletin of Comediantes


Edad de Oro

Rassegna Iberistica

Studia Aurea

Conferences and lectures

He has organized various congresses and meetings on classical theater («Forme del tragico», "Ca Foscari" University of Venice, May 2008; «Days of Italian and Spanish classical theater», Sabbioneta, Mantua, June 2009) and contemporary («Settimana del Teatro spagnolo contemporaneo», December 2008 and« Teatro in tempo di crisi», April 2010, both at the“ Ca Foscari ”University of Venice); organized the first congress "La Spagna plurale" at the University of Bologna (March 2011), the interdepartmental meeting on the teaching of literature entitled "Letterariamente" (April 2015) and, among others, the conference "Teatro clásico español en el cine ”(2018) and “La traducción del teatro clásico español” (2019).

Other work

Since 2005 he is director of the "Dulcinea" series of classical Spanish literature for the italian publisher Marsilio


coordinator European Project Marie Curie “Theatheor”: