Veronica Vinciotti

Deputy coordinator

Doctoral programme – Mathematics

Associate professor

Department of Mathematics

Associate professor: Doctoral programme – Mathematics

Via Sommarive, 14 - 38123 Povo
tel. 0461 283979
veronica.vinciotti[at]unitn [dot] it

1999 -2002: Ph.D in Statistics, Imperial College London, UK

1995- 1999: First degree in Mathematics, University of Perugia, Italy

Academic career and teaching activities

2020 - : Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Trento

2017-2020: Reader in Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Brunel University London

2012-2017: Senior Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Brunel University London

2007-2012: Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Brunel University London

2003-2007: Research Fellow in Bioinformatics, Brunel University London

Research interests

Research Interests:

  • Network inference and network models with applications in biology, health and finance
  • Regularized approaches for high-dimensional data
  • Regression models for count data

Publications from Google Scholar

R Packages:

  1. cglasso (glasso under censoring):
  2. sglasso (glasso under structural equality constraints):
  3. neat (network enrichment analysis):
  4. enRich (ChIP-seq binding identification):
Research work

Guest editor of the JRSS-A special issue on Networks and Society (January 2022)

Guest editor of the Statistica Neerlandica special issue on Statistical Network Science (August 2020)

Guest editor of the JRSS-C special issue Statistical Network Science and its Applications (April 2017)

Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) coordinator of COSTNET, the COST Action CA15109 (2016-2020)

PI on the BBSRC grant Micro-quantitative and macro-qualitative gene network models from ChIP-sequencing and microarray data (2011-2013). Postdoc: Yanchun Bao

PhD students:

  • Matteo Framba (2021 -) "Modelling dynamic networks with differential equations"
  • Paolo Berta (2015-2018) "Statistical evaluation of quality in healthcare"
  • Alina Peluso (2014-2017) "Novel Regression Models for Discrete Response"
  • Hamed Haselimashhadi (2013-2016) "Novel Regression Models for Dynamic and Discrete Response Data Under L1 and Differentiable Penalties"
  • Hussein Hashem (2010-2014) "Regularized and Robust Regression Methods for High-dimensional Data"
Conferences and lectures

Selected Talks:

  • Hierarchical graphical modelling of count metagenomic data, CMStatistics 2022, London (UK)
  • Hierarchical graphical modelling of microbiome interactions in related environments, IWSM 2022, Trieste (IT)
  • Bayesian graphical modelling of counts via a discrete Weibull distribution, ISBA 2021 (online)
  • Accounting for network effects in credit risk modelling, STOR-i 2020, Lancaster (UK), 2020
  • Identifying potentially overlapping communities from two-mode networks, RSS2019, Belfast (UK), 2019
  • Network inference in genomics under censoring, Women in Networks Workshop, Leeds (UK), 2019.
  • Sparse graphical models in genomics: an application to censored qPCR data, CIBB2018, Lisbon (Portugal), 2018.
  • Identifying overlapping terrorist cells from the Noordin Top actor-event network, NetSci2018, Paris (France), 2018.
  • Credit risk modelling via efficient network-based inference, CMStatistics2017, London (UK), 2017.
  • Mixture model under overlapping clusters: an application to network data, CLADAG2017, Milan (Italy), 2017.
  • Structured graphical lasso with applications in biology and finance, ISI2017, Marrakesh (Marocco), 2017.
  • Sparse Gaussian graphical models for dynamic gene regulatory networks, Dynamic Networks, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge (UK), 2016.
  • Credit Risk Model with Network Effects for a Large Panel of Companies, CMStatistics2016, Seville (Spain), 2016.
  • Making sense of large genomic networks, CMStatistics2015, London (UK), 2015.
  • Model selection for dynamic regulatory networks under l1 penalty and structural constraints, SSB2014, Warwick (UK), 2014.
  • Discovery of protein binding patterns by joint modelling of ChIP-seq data, SCO 2013, Milan (Italy), 2013.
  • A Bayesian one-dimensional random field model for ChIP-seq data, RSS2012, Telford (UK), 2012.
  • Identifying genes with high confidence from small samples, ECAI04, Valencia (Spain), 2004.
  • Looking under the lamppost: matching models to the problem, RSS2002, Plymouth (UK), 2002.
Other work

Organized Meetings: 

Statistical Network Science, 7 June 2018, Brunel University London

Statistical Network Science, Royal Statistical Society, London, 8 May 2017

Network Science and Its Applications, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, 25-26 August 2016 (Co-Organizer with E. Wit)

IDA2014, Leeuven, 30 October -1 November 2014 (Program Chair)

Statistical Inference of Networks, Royal Statistical Society, London, 22 May 2014

Statistical Network Science and its Applications, Lorenz Centre, Leiden, 2-5 April 2013 (Co-Organizer with E. Wit)