Academic career and teaching activities
  • March 2019: Visiting Researcher at Department of Languages and Foreign Literature (Ragusa), University of Catania
  • September 2018 - June 2019: Researcher for Politecnico of Turin at Sino-Italian Centre for Sustainability (Tongji University, Shanghai)


  • Lecture on Discourse Analysis for Advanced Qualitative Methods (Msc Social Science Research Methods, Cardiff University).
Research interests

My research interests regard the contemporary ecological crisis and the transformations it requires on a political, social but also subjective level. I am inspired by political ecology but also more widely philosophical debates, stemming in particular from neo-Marxist, eco-feminist and new materialist understandings. My effort is to connect these reflections to the social field through empirical social sciences, investigations, analyses and representations. For this reason I have also experimented widely in social science methodologies thoughout my research activity. In particular, I have engaged with qualitative methods that privilege in-depth, reflexive approaches to data production and analysis.

My initial researches were centred on critical textual analyses of institutional documents promoting "sustainable development". Most of my investigations nonetheless have targeted energy transitions in everyday life, as they have been happening in the context of the 2008 financial crisis and its medium-to-long period impacts. In this context, I have developed participative and multimedia ethnographic methods.

Research work

At present, I am research fellow in the European project “Sustainable Food Platforms: Enabling sustainable food practices through socio-technical innovation [PLATEFORMS]” (, under the supervision of prof. Francesca Forno. I study how socio-technical innovation influences everyday practices of food consumption, and on the opportunity it has to promote more sustainable ones. 

Other work

I am part of:

  • POE (Politics, Ontologies, Ecology), a research network based at the University of Pisa
  • Ecologia-Mondo, Italian branch of the World-Ecology Network