Raffaello Potestio

Associate professor

Department of Physics

Via Sommarive, 14 - 38123 Povo
tel. 0461 282912
raffaello.potestio[at]unitn [dot] it
Office 3.12, Povo 0, 2nd floor

I am always available for a chat if the timing is compatible with the work activity.

For time-intensive discussions you are kindly asked to arrange an appointment by contacting me per email at raffaello.potestio _AT_ unitn.it

For brief and/or urgent discussions you are welcome to spontaneously pass by my office (3.12, Povo 0, 2nd floor).

*** STUDENTS OF THE STAT MECH COURSE *** are welcome to meet me to discuss topics related to the course on Fridays in the 15:00-16:00 time window.

Last updated Tuesday 10 September 2019