2024: Internship Opportunities for MA students
Monday 22 January 2024

The Information and Integration lab is currently  (2024)  offering internship opportunities in the areas of AI, Psychology and Cognitive Computational Neuroscience.  We are open to internships from Italy and abroad (remote) for 3-6 months.

In the area of Artificial Intelligence, we are developing methods for better prediction of human knowledge based on deep neural networks.  The lab is developing new supervised learning methods, based on soft labels and network pruning. Projects applicable for M.A students with background in AI, Data Science or Computer Science. 

Master's students in the lab were first authors on these two recent publications:
Flechas, M. N., & Bao, W., Herbelot, A., & Hasson, U. (2023). Enhancing Interpretability using human similarity judgements to prune word embeddings. Full paper presented at BlackboxNLP (EMNLP2023).

Tarigopula, P., Fairhall, S., & Bavaresco, A., & Truong, N., & Hasson, U. (2023). Improved prediction of behavioral and neural similarity spaces using pruned DNNs. Neural Networks, 168.

Two Master's students also contributed to this recently granted Patent application
Metodo e mezzi per la produzione di sequenze a livelli richiesti di interessantezza / Hasson, Uri; Notaro, Giuseppe; Eperon, Alexander Charles Leslie; Sartorato, Nicola; Minati, Ludovico. - (2024).