Dynamic modeling and characterization of an industrial scale heat pump. A Modelica-based approach for the FLEXIndustries project
Thursday 21 March 2024

In this master’s thesis, the student will utilize the commercial library Modelon Impact, which is based on the Modelica language, to evaluate the dynamic performance of an industrial heat pump. The heat pump object of the study is able to overcome a thermal difference between around 10°C at the water outlet on the cold side and around 90°C at the water outlet on the hot side. The cooling capacity on the cold side is exploited for internal use in the factory, while the heating capacity is delivered to the District Heating Network of Rovereto. Given the triple-sector coupling, it becomes imperative to explore various control strategies to guarantee service continuity and efficiency.

The master thesis project is underpinned by a collaborative synergy among the entities involved in its execution. HIREF, taking on the role of the technology provider, will assist in the modeling phase by incorporating experimental data gleaned from the prototype design and testing. Meanwhile, Suanfarma and Novareti, as technology beneficiaries, will actively contribute by providing essential characteristics and constraints associated with the thermal network where the heat pump is slated for implementation.

The working location for this position will be determined in the subsequent phase and will be mutually agreed upon. The ideal candidate should be flexible and open to potential variations in the work location, which may include shifts between the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and HIREF headquarters.

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