Degree in Industrial Chemistry with honors, Università di Venezia-Cà Foscari, 1987.

Academic career and teaching activities

2012 to present: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Industrial Engineering (DII), University of Trento

2002 - 2012: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Trento

1988 - 2002 : Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Trento (Italy)


1990:  Chercheur Associé - CNRS, internship at Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée, collaboration with Dr. Florence Babonneau, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, 

2003: Visiting professor Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée (Prof. C. Sanchez), Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

2007: Visiting professor INSA – Lyon (France), IPC - LMM ,Prof. J-F. Gérard, Dr J. Galy.


Teaching activity (last 3 years)

Chemistry (LT Environmental and Land Engineering, 1st year, 1st semester, 9 Italian credits, 150 students/class)

Chemistry Laboratory (LT Industrial Engineering, 3rd year, 2nd semester, 4 Italian credits, 10 students/class)

Properties and Characterization of Materials - Module 2 (until 2014: Materials Characterization - module 2; LM Materials Engineering, 1st year, 2nd semester, 6 Italian credits, 60 students/class)

Research interests
  • Sol-gel synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of hybrid organic-inorganic (O/I) materials
  • Synthesis and chemical modification of silsesquioxanes and organosilica particles for the preparation of patternable coatings with application in photonics, microfluidics and bio-sensing.
  • Metal oxides particles by microemulsion route, matrices for dispersion of chromophores and metal particles, active materials for chemical sensors and photocatalysis, piezoceramics
  • Metal oxide thin films for optical and memristive applications
  • FTIR and NMR characterization of hybrid organic-inorganic (O/I) materials, glasses, ceramics, polymer, composites and natural materials
Research work

Sandra Dirè belongs to the Materials Chemistry Group of DII, she is  responsible of the Chemistry Laboratory and of the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory "Klaus Muller", equipped with an NMR spectrometer (9.4 T) for solid state and solution NMR and an EPR instrument.

She has thirty years experience in sol-gel chemistry, synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of inorganic and hybrid organic/inorganic materials.

She has been scientist in charge for several national PRIN projetcts and one European ITN project; she participated to a COST action (2012-2016, MP1202, Hybrid Materials and Interfaces) and she has been partner of a PAT project (Grandi Progetti PAT, 2013-2017, MADELENA, Inorganic memristic devices).

Research topics

Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of inorganic layers for electronic and sensing applications

Sol-gel synthesis and chemical modification of hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposites, tunable silsesquioxanes with functional properties

Wet chemistry methods for the preparation of metal phosphates and piezoelectric ceramics

Solid state NMR characterization of hybrid organic/inorganic materials, polymers, composites, glasses and ceramics, natural materials

Other work

Reviewer :
J. Sol-Gel Science and Technology
J. European Ceramic Society
J. American Ceramic Society
J. Materials Chemistry
Chemistry of Materials
New J. of Chemistry
Vibrational Spectroscopy
Optical Materials



Member of the editorial Board of Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology

Member of the editorial Board of Coatings

 She organized the III and VIII edition of the Italian Sol-Gel Workshop in 2002 and 2012