Design and characterization of CMOS integrated radiation detectors for medical, industrial, space and research applications
Master students in Mechatronics Engineering, Materials and Production Engineering and Physics 
Wednesday 16 December 2020

Custom radiation detectors are used in a variety of fields. The applications considered for a possible thesis activity include:

- particle detection in proton/hadron therapy, astroparticle and high-energy physics experiments,

- X and gamma-ray detection in medical applications, industrial inspection and material analysis.

- Optical (Visible, NIR and UV) detectors for Automotive, medical, space and Quantum Technologies (in collaboration with FBK)

Several thesis activities are available on these topics, depending on the active projects and collaborations. If interested, please contact me for more information.

Thesis activities related to the development and characterization of silicon radiation detectors include one or more of the following items: 

- Detector design: device analysis and optimization using TCAD software

- Characterization of detectors: measurement of current-voltage and capacitance voltage characteristics, functional characterization with optical (LED/lasers) and radiation sources, study of radiation damage.

- Design and characterization of readout electronics for detectors. Characterization of sensors with integrated readout electronics