Post-doc Fellowship at the Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento (1999-2004)

Ph.D in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento (1997). Thesis title: Carriere: donne e uomini tra percorsi lavorativi e vicende familiari (Careers: women and men among working path and family life)

Degree cum laude in Sociology (1992) at the Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento. Thesis title: La separazione coniugale nell'esperienza dei mariti e delle mogli (Marital Separation in the experience of husbands and wifes). The thesis was awarded by the Federazione Italiana Donne Arti Professioni Affari (Italian Federation of Women Arts Professions and Business)

Academic career and teaching activities

Barbara Poggio is Vice Rector for Equality and Diversity of University of Trento, Chairperson of the Central Committee for the promotion of equal opportunities, workers’ welfare and non-discrimination (CUG) and co-head of the Center of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies of the same university.

She is currently associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Research where she teaches Sociology of Work and Sociology of Organizations.

She coordinated several national and international projects and carried out studies and researches about gender asymmetries in organisations, gender and science, gender and entrepreneurship, work precariousness and work-life balance. In particular she coordinated TSER, EQUAL, LEONARDO, SOCRATES and FP7 projects. She devoted specific attention to the methodological issues and in particular to narrative analysis. 


Teaching (selection)

  • Sociology of Work, MA Programme in Organization Management, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento (2008-2018)
  • Sociology of Organization BA Programme in Sociology, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento (2005-2018)
  • Qualitative Methods, Ph.D Programme in Sociology and Social Research (2005-2014)
  • Industrial Sociology, Ma Programme in Work, Organization and Information Systems, Faculty of Sociology (2005-2008)
  • Project Work, 1st level Master Programme in Gender Policies, University of Trento (2005-2008)
  • Gender Policies, Programme Women, Politics and Insitutions, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento (2008-2009).
  • Introduction to the Labour World, BA Programme “Sociology”, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento (2003-2005).
  • Sociology of Organization, BA Programme in Science of Communication, Faculty of Literature, University of Siena (2000-2006).
  • Gender and Organization, 1st level Master Programme in Managerial Techniques for Nursing Coordinators, University of Verona, (2001).
  • Sociology of Work, BA Programme in “Computer and Communications Engineering”, Faculty of Engineering, University of Siena (2000-2001).
Research interests

Relationship among gender, work and organizations; gender and scientific careers; occupational welfare; work-life balance.

Research work
  • Scientific coordinator of the Project "Diversity, Equality and inclusion in pre-primary Education and care: a gender perspective" (DEE) on Erasmus+ Programme (2017-20).
  • Scientific coordinator of the Project “Gendering the Academy and Research: Combat Instability and Asymmetries” (GARCIA) on Seventh Framework Programme (2013-15).
  • Scientific advisor of the project  “Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia (FESTA)” on Seventh Framework Programme (2012-16).
  • Scientific coordination of the Trento Unit of the pilot project "Trapped or Flexible? Risk transitions and missing policies for young high-skilled workers in Europe" founded by European Commission (2011-12).
  • Scientific coordination of the project Socrates-Gruntvig 2 PLESES (Parental Leave Experiences and Skills for Enterprises and Society), Dept. of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, (2006-9).
  • Scientific coordination of the project Equal GELSO (Gender, Work and Occupational Segregation), Dept. of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento (2004-7).
  • Scientific coordination of the research project “Tra normalità e crisi: spunti per un’analisi narrativa delle carriere lavorative” (Between Normality and Crisis: hints for narrative analysis of working careers) within the Academic National Project funded by the Ministry of Education  “Transizioni biografiche: oggetti e modelli di analisi a confronto” (Biographical Transitions: objects and models of analysis in comparison), (2005-7).
  • Scientific coordination  of the research on women and politics in the Province of Trento within the project LIDERAL (Intercontinental Observatory on women Leadership) (2006).
  • Scientific coordination  of the project NEW-FACES (New Fatherhood concepts in European Cities) funded by European Community - Programme relating to the Community Framework Strategy on Gender Equality, Dept. of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento (2006)
  • Coordination of the Research “Work, Women and Technology”, Dept. of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento (2003-2004).
  • Coordinator of the Italian Unit of the project “SERVEMPLOI.  Innovations in Information Society Sectors – Implications for Women’s Work, Expertise and Opportunities in European Workplaces funded  by the European Commission under the Targeted Socio-Economic Research Programme (TSER) – (1998-2001)
Memberships in societies and scientific committees


AIS-Genere e AIS-Vita quotidiana


Coordinator of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Gender of the University of Trento (2007-2017).

Co-director of the editorial series Questioni di Genere - Rosenberg & Sellier

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journals: Gender Work and Organization, Gender in Management Review, Educational Reflective Practices, Polis, Social Problems, Sociologia del Lavoro.

Member of the Group of Sociology of the publishing company "Il Mulino"

Conferences and lectures

(2017) Poggio, B. “Il contributo dei progetti europei alle carriere femminili e all’innovazione scientifica. Il progetto GARCIA”, invited speech at the conference “Genere e scienza tra ricerca e innovazione”, University of Pisa, 5-6 April.

(2017) Fiore, F., Poggio, B. “L’implementazione del Gender Equality Plan: criticità, successi e sostenibilità”, speech at the conference “Saperi di genere”, University of Trento, 20-21 gennaio, Università di Trento.

(2016) Poggio, B. “Gli studi di genere all’università di Trento. L’esperienza del CSG”, speech at the seminar “Studiare le donne o il genere? I centri per gli Studi sulle donne o sul genere in Italia”, University of Trieste, 13 December.

(2016) Poggio, B. “Un network per le azioni positive. L’esperienza dell’Università di Trento”, invited speech at the conference “Genere e Generazioni, quale parità nelle università italiane?”, University of Milan, 21 November.

(2016) Poggio, B. “Il Welfare aziendale: piani aziendali di riorganizzazione”, invited speech at the  workshop “Welfare, benessere organizzativo e smart working”, Villa Concina, Dolo (Ve), 13 October.

(2016) Bellè, E., Poggio, B. “Danger, natural order and moral panic: The Italian ‘anti-gender’ mobilization as populist rethoric”, paper presentated at XXX Convegno Società Italiana di Scienza Politica, University of Milan, 15-17 September. 

(2016) Poggio, B. “Gender Asymmetries in Italian Academy: Emerging Scenarios and Policies for Change”, invited speech at 111° American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, 19-23 July.

(2016) Ferri, D., Bozzon, R, Murgia, A., Poggio, B. “In the Shadow of Academic Power: A “precarious standpoint” in the Italian University”, paper presented at 32nd EGOS Colloquium: Organizing in the Shadow of Power, University of Neaples, 7-9 July.

(2016) Poggio, B. “Gender Studies at the University of Trento: the experience of the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies”, invited speech at the conference Gender and Politics: research, practice and education. Moving beyond the obvious, University of Padua, 9 June.

(2016) Bellè, E., Poggio, B. "New faces of populism: The Italian ‘anti-gender’ mobilization", paper presented at the conference Populistrhetoric, University of Jyväskylä, 17-19 March.

(2015) Nuove sfide e prospettive di conciliazione per le famiglie e i lavori che cambiano, paper presented at the conference Il lavoro di educatori e genitori con bambini piccoli, University of Trento, 18-19 September 2015.

(2015) Il progetto GARCIA. Università e ricerca in ottica di genere, paper presented at  XXIX Convegno SISP, University of Calabria, 10-12 September. 

(2015) Madri, al plurale. Oltre il neomaternalismo e la mistica della maternità, contribution presented at EDUCA, Rovereto, 19 April. 

(2015) Bozzon, R., Murgia, A., Poggio, B. New Trends, Old Asymmetries. Gender Implications for the Emerging Generation of Researchers in Italy, paper presented at 27th SASE Annual Meeting, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2-4 July.

(2015) Murgia, A., Poggio, B., Symbolic Gender Orders in Organizations. Persistance and Change, paper presented at the International Conference “Fathers in Work Organizations: Inequalities and Capabilities, Rationalities and Politics”, Bielefeld, 12-14 March 2015

(2015) Le differenze di genere in accademia: tra nuovi scenari e vecchie asimmetrie, Workshop CIRSDE, University of Turin, 3 March.

(2015) Genere e carriere scientifiche. Scenari che cambiano, squilibri che restano -  Conference  “Scusa se voglio fare carriera. Disuguaglianze di genere e identità professionale”, University of Siena, Arezzo, 2 March.

(2014) Il progetto GARCIA. Università e ricerca in ottica di Genere: superare le asimmetrie e l’instabilità nelle carriere - Conference “Genere e scienza. Saperi e carriere femminili nell’orizzonte europeo”, University of Pisa, 20 September.

(2014) Politiche di genere e conciliazione responsabile - Conference “Carta dei valori – responsabilità sociale e conciliazione, University of Bolzano, 11 July.

(2014) Costruire il genere nelle organizzazioni. Tra lenti interpretative e strategie di intervento - Conference “Che genere di scienze? L’approccio di genere nella ricerca scientifica”, University of Turin, 5 May.

(2013) Murgia, A., Poggio, B.,The more you are educated, the shorter your contract is… A comparative study on young highly skilled precarious workers between Italy and Spain, - 11 ESA Conference, University of Turin, 28-31 August.

(2013) Strategies and challenges in transnational feminist exchanges, invited speech at SWS Meeting 2013, ASA Conference, New York, 10 August 2013.

 (2012) Murgia, A., Poggio, B., Quando studiare non basta. Racconti di giovani highly skilled nel mercato del lavoro flessibile - "Cause e impatto della crisi. Individui, territori e istituzioni. Convegno nazionale AIS-ELO", University of Calabria, 27-28 September.

(2012) Conciliazione famiglia e lavoro e partecipazione degli uomini – La situazione in Italia -  Workshop “Vereinbarkeit von Familie un Beruf – Einbindung der Väter un Mäter”, Bressanone, 7-8 September.

 (2011) Le politiche di genere in Italia e in Europa: quale futuro? - IV Conferenza annuale ESPAnet Italia 2011, “Innovare il welfare. Percorsi di trasformazione in Italia e in Europa, University of Milan, 29 September -1 October 2011.

 (2011) Raccontare, ascoltare, comprendere - National Conference “Raccontare, ascoltare, comprendere. Metodologia e ambiti di applicazione delle narrazioni nelle scienze sociali”, Trento, University of Trento, 22-23 September 2011.

(2011) Murgia, A., Poggio, B., Job Models Renewals with(out) Gender Models Renewals. Stories of High Skilled Workers in Temporary Jobs - Gender, Work and Organization Conference “Gender Renewals?”, International Workshop Series, Amsterdam, VU University, 22-24 June.

 (2010) Murgia, A., Poggio, B. (2010) Nouvelles formes de masculinités dans les organisations. L'expérience des congés parentaux racontée par les hommes -  “Colloque International “Égalité hommes/femmes et articulation travail/famille: vers un nouveau modèle?”, Paris, 30 September - 1 October.

(2010) Bellè, Elisa, Annalisa Murgia e Barbara (2010) Looking beyond the gender pay gap. Research results on (de)valuation of women and men's work, - 1st Global Conference “The Value of Work”, Prague, 5-7 November.

(2010) I costi organizzativi della maternità - Workshop “I costi della maternità e della conciliazione”, University of Padua, 7 October.

(2009) Murgia, A., Poggio, B. Unmasking hegemonic practices. Men’s stories on gender culture in organizations - 25th EGOS Colloquium, Barcelona, 2-4 July.

(2009) Gender as a social practice in organizations - International  Doctoral School on Materiality in Practice-Based Studies, University of Trento, 30 November – 2 December.

(2009) Genere e precarietà - National Conference “Genere e precarietà, University of Trento, 13-14 November.

(2009) Il genere nelle organizzazioni - Conference -  “Diventare donne nel terzo millennio tra precarietà del lavoro e formazione di nuove identità femminili”, Livorno, 24-26 September.

(2008) Upsetting careers. Practices and Policies to Tackle Vertical Gender Segregation - 24th EGOS Colloquium, Amsterdam, 4-6 July 2008.

(2008) Murgia, A., Poggio, B., Cambiare le pratiche di genere nella pubblica amministrazione. Strategie di ricerca-azione - "Ricerca per che cosa? La ricerca socio-economica tra politiche pubbliche, interessi economici e società civile. Convegno nazionale AIS-ELO", Torino, 3-4 July 2008.

(2008) La progettazione in ottica di genere: istruzioni per l’uso -  Conference "Strategie e approcci per l’equità di genere nella costruzione di partenariati territoriali", Trento, 28 May.

(2008) Conciliazione e flessibilità: ambivalenze e prospettive -  Workshop - "Conciliare vita e lavoro: trappole e opportunità del lavoro flessibile", Camera del Lavoro, Parma, 20 May 2008.

(2007) Innovare le pratiche di genere nelle organizzazioni: il bilancio del progetto Equal GELSO -  Conference "Equal GELSO: innovare le pratiche di genere nelle organizzazioni", Trento, 26 October.

(2007) Pratiche di genere nella pubblica amministrazione: un'isola felice? - Conference "L'isola che non c'è. Pratiche di genere nella pubblica amministrazione tra carriere, conciliazione e nuove precarietà", Trento, 25 October 2007.

(2007) Murgia A.Poggio B.Dancing the gender waltz. Constructing identities inside and outside organizations - 23th EGOS Colloquium, Vien, 5-7 July.

(2007) Murgia A.Poggio B.Il progetto EQUAL-G.E.L.S.O. Genere Lavoro e Segregazione Occupazionale - Conference "I Centri Studi di genere: esperienze nazionali e internazionali a confron", University of Pisa, 15 June 2007.

(2007) Cozza, M., Murgia, A., Poggio, B., Traiettorie ed intrecci nelle storie di carriera di uomini e donne. Una lettura di genere delle transizioni tra lavoro e non lavoro -  "Le disuguaglianze oggi: territori, società, lavoro. Convegno nazionale AIS-ELO", Napoli, 24-25 May.

(2007) Murgia, A., Poggio, B. Il posizionamento di genere nelle storie lavorative di donne e uomini - International Conference “Genere e Potere. Per una Rifondazione delle Scienze Sociali”", Roma La Sapienza, 4-5 May.

(2006) Modelli di agire delle donne nelle organizzazioni - Workshop "Ostacoli di genere all'agire politico delle donne", Siena, 9 October 2006

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(2004) Bruni, A., Poggio, B. Doing and saying gender in organization: a methodological reflection on gender as a social practice -  20th EGOS Colloquium, Lubiana 1-3 July.

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(2003) I nodi del fare rete, Conference Educare nella comunitàCostruire la rete tra scuola, servizi e territorio, Trento, 4 June 2003

(2001) Women’s prospects in Information Society Sectors - Conference ‘International Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Workforce Diversity: The Inclusive Workplace’¸ Bellagio, 23-27 July. 

(2001) The dual challenge -  Employment Research Center  - Trinity College, Dublin, 12 February.

(2000) Casting the “Other”: Gender and Politics in Political Talks -  16th EGOS Colloquium - Helsinki 2-4 July.

(2000) Il reinserimento professionale delle donne - ISFOL Conference - “La dimensione verticale delle pari opportunità”, Rome, 29 February.

(1999) Narrating Challenges in Organizational Cultures, - 15th EGOS Colloquium, Warwick 4-6 July.

(1999) Between Bytes and Brycks:  Gender Cultures in Work Contexts - European Conference Work Life 2000, “Labour Market and Social Policy. Gender Relations in Transition”, Brussels, 31 May - 2 June.

Other work

Vice-rector for Equality and Diversity of the University of Trento (2015-18).

Chairperson of  the Central Committee for the promotion of equal opportunities, workers' welfare and non-discrimination of the University of Trento (2015-18).

Member of the Scientific Commitee of the Work Market Observatory of the Province of Trento (2014-18).

Member of the Board of the Doctoral School in Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento (2004-15)

Member of the Working group on work-life balance set up by the Ministry of Work and Social Policies (2014)

Delegate for Equal Opportunities of the University of Trento (2013-15).

Member of the Board of the Regional Institute for Studies and Social Research of Trento (1999-2013).

President of the Committee for Equal Opportunities of the Province of Trento (2006-12).