Computing the neutron-deuteron cross section with a quantum computer
Physics Master Students (2023)
Thursday 24 August 2023

In a recent work (A quantum-classical co-processing protocol towards simulating nuclear reactions on contemporary quantum hardware, arXiv:2302.06734), we proposed, in collaboration with the Nuclear Theory Group at LLNL and the AQT team at LBL, a scheme to simulate a nuclear reaction on a quantum computer from realistic interactions, and based on the Trotter break-up of the real time propagator. The first application was made on the scattering of two neutrons. We want now to proceed to the case of three nucleons, namely the neutron-deuteron scattering, which is a coupled channels problem. Depending on the energy, one can have the neutron capture by d, elastic n-d scattering and the d breakup. In the thesis the student will be required to carry out the formal analysis enabling the encoding of the problem on a set of superconductive q-dits, possibly making use of optimal control techniques.