Thesis proposals - list of topics and recommendations
Sunday 06 February 2022

Thesis proposals for dissertations - Please, read carefully the instructions below.

The list below contains some tentative titles/topics. Students can choose to write their theses either in English or in Italian (if permitted by the Degree regulation). Students interested in different aspects of such broad topics are encouraged to contact me with a proposal. Other proposals will be considered as well to the extent that they are well motivated.   


  • Technological innovation, Covid19 and Jobs
  • The new EU industrial strategy
  • Addressing climate change in the EU: ETS and CBAM
  • Reforming EU competition policy
  • Trade defense mechanisms in the EU
  • Sanctions and economic affairs
  • Monetary policy strategies: the Fed and the ECB
  • Inflation expectations and inflation
  • The zero lower bound


General information for Master's students

To participate in a Graduation Session, Master's candidates have to submit a 'request' signed by their supervisors far in advance.

This is not meant to make the supervisor take a ‘leap of faith’. This implies that I shall authorize NO STUDENT to submit the request before I have corrected 2/3 of the thesis. Hence, students must send such material before the deadline for submitting the request to graduate.