Proposals for thesis/dissertation
Friday 22 March 2024

Proposals for thesis/dissertation - Please, read the instructions below.

The list contains tentative titles/topics in English. Students can choose to write their theses also in Italian (if permitted by the Degree regulation). 

Students interested in different aspects of the broad topics below are encouraged to contact me via e-mail with a more precise proposal.    

  • New industrial strategies and societal challenges 
  • Economic security issues and policy strategies
  • Central banking in the aftermath of the pluri-crisis period
  • Economic aspects of the European integration

General information on the use of Generative AI tools

Generative AI use is permitted under specific circumstances and subject to specific requirements (i.e., citation, list of prompts, …).

General information for Master's students

The participation of Master's students to a Graduation Session requires the consent of the supervisor. Consent will be granted on two conditions: the respect of previously agreed deadlines and a sufficient overall quality of the work (meticulous proofreading and editing, respect of research integrity principles, completeness of the bibliography, …).