1974 - Medical doctor cum laude (Catholic University, Rome)

1978 - Board certified cum laude - Neurology (Catholic University, Rome)

1983 - Board certified cum laude - Psychiatry (Catholic University. Rome)

Academic career and teaching activities

1976-1991 - Research physician at the Istitute of Neurology (Catholic University, Rome)

1991-2006 - Associate professor at the Istitute of Neurology (Catholic University, Rome)

2006 - Full professor of Neurology at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (University of Trento)


Since moving to the University of Trento (2006-current):

In the framework of the EU-funded IDEALAB (Internaitonal Doctorate in Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain) PhD program (2013-18): seminars taught at the Universities of Trento, Groeningen, Potsdam and Macquarie (Sydney)

At the University of Trento: courses in the Master course in Neuroscience (Clinical Neurology and Neurocognitive rehabilitation) and in the Master Course in Cognitive Science (Current Topics in Language and Brain).  In previous years: The neural basis of behavior (Bachelor course in Professional education); Laboratory on investigative, diagnostic and rehabilitative tools (Master course in Neuroscience).

At other Italian and foreign institutions: seminars and classes in 1st- and 2nd-level Master courses in disciplines related to the study of brain/language relationships.


Before moving to the University of Trento (1976-2006):

Seminars and classes in the context of courses in Neurology, Neuropsichology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Neurology for Medical students in Itaklian and foreign Universities.

Research interests

For a list of research interests, please refer to the research group website:

Research work

Currently active projects:

  • The neurofunctional substrate of sentence comprehension: Evidence from the study of aphasia
  • Disorders of sentence production and comprehension: A cross-linguistic study
  • The processing of negation
  • Neural correlates of acquired dysgraphia
  • Disorders of cortical auditory processing
  • Bedside protocol for the evaluation of brain-damaged patients
Memberships in societies and scientific committees

Italian Neurological Society

Italian Neuropsychological Society

International Neuropsychological Symposium

Academy of Aphasia


Editorial Board: Brain and Language; Cognitive Neuropsychology; Reading and Writing: An International Journal

Scientific committee: European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology (1985-current); Science of Aphasia Conference (2010-current)

Awards and honours

7 Keynote lectures (Italy, France, United Kingdom)

Secondment to the Centro Interdisciplinare Linceo 'Beniamino Segre', Accademia dei Lincei (2018-2021) 

Head of the Italian constituency at the International Neuropsychological Symposium (2010-2015)

Chair, Academy of Aphasia (2008-2011) - first European researcher to hold the post

Conferences and lectures

2020 Organizer, 1-day symposium on "Sounds, Voices, and Speech", European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology, Bressanone, January 28. 

2019 Organizer, 20th Science of Aphasia Conference on "The temporal lobe: Functional and neural updates", Rome, September 22-26.

2011 Organizer, 1-day symposium on "Neuroplasticity and language recovery", European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology, Bressanone 

2010 Organizer and Chair, Conference on "The treatment of cognitive disorders: Neurorehabilitation, Neuromodulation, Neuroplasticity", Rovereto

2002 Organizer and Co-Chair, Symposium on "Langage", Journées Franco-Italiennes, French and Italian Neuropsychological Societies, Paris

2000 Organizer and Chair, Conference on 'Architectures of the mind, Architectures of the brain', 2000 Jubilee, Vatican City

2000 Organizing committee, International Conference on Aphasia Rehabilitation, Amsterdam

2000 Organizer and Chair, Teaching course on Behavioral Neurology, European Neurological Society, Jerusalem

1995 e 1996 Program committee, Meeting dell'International Neuropsychological Society

1994 Conferenza nazionale dell'Associazioe Italiana Afasici (A.It.A.)

Simposi nell'ambito dell'European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology (Bressanone