Francesca Odella

Via Verdi, 26 - 38122 Trento
tel. 0461 281313 | fax. 0461 281348
francesca.odella[at]unitn [dot] it

Post doc: University of Trento (2001-2003)
-Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Dept. of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento. Research Project Title: “Comportamento economico e regolazione istituzionale: il ruolo dell’ apprendimento economico nello sviluppo locale - Economic Behaviour and Institutional Framework: the Role of Economic Learning in Local Development”. Research topics: Economic and social development, social capital, network analysis, territorial planning and institutional regulation.

Ph.D.: Brescia University (1997 to 2001 defence)
- Ph.D. Economic Sociology, at the Dept. of Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics, University of Brescia, Italy. Research Project Title: “Imprese ed esternalità. Meccanismi decisionali e contesto istituzionale - Firms and Externalities. Decision-Making Mechanisms and Institutional Context”. Research topics: Economic and social perspective of economic issues, theory of externalities, triangulation methodology, training policies.

BA and Master (1996)
- Laure Degree (magna cum laude) in Sociology of the Organisation and Work, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento, Italy. Research Project Title: “Perche succedono gli incidenti sul lavoro? L’ organizzazione della sicurezza in una cooperativa di costruzioni. - Why do Accidents Happen? The Social Organisation of Safety in a Construction Co-operative”. Research topics: Safety culture and organisational theory, communities of practice, small sample statistical analysis, qualitative content analysis.

Carriera accademica ed attività didattica

Undergraduate courses

since 2005 - Lecturer in Methodology of the Social Sciences, and Lecturer in Network Analysis and Theory, BA in International Studies, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento.

2003 to 2008 - Contract Lecturer in Sociology of Work, Faculty of Psychology, University of Trieste, IT.

1999 to 2002 - Lecturer and Teaching Assistant in Methodology and Social Research, Lecturer in Sociological Theory, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento.

Graduate courses

since 2014 - Lecturer and Teaching Assistant for the 1st Master Degree in Anticipatory Studies, Faculty of Sociology, University of Trento.

2013 - 2015 - Lecturer in Methods of Social and Political Research for the Master in European and International Studies of the University of Innsbruck (A).

Seminars and laboratory sessions

Introduction to Network Analysis Methods and Theory (SNA) for undergraduates and graduate students (since 2005). 

Interessi di ricerca

Her current research interests concentrate in three thematic areas:

  • Theory developments and applications of network analysis;
  • The role of non-economic factors in local development with an emphasis on the study of socio-economic relationships and social capital;
  • The combined use of qualitative and quantitative research techniques in the social sciences;
  • Social impact of technologies and the development of participatory teaching methods (multimedia);


Attività di ricerca

Recent Research Activity (2015-2017)

Application of Network Analysis (SNA) to archivial and historical data. This thread of research is aimed at developing methodological strategies for data reduction and data organization, and evaluating the efficacy of different statistical tools. Workshop and conference papers, coauthored and as single author, contribute and support the analysis of original databases.

Development and exploration of partecipative approaches in Methodological Learning. This thread of research is aimed at creating teaching and learning curricula for improving methodological knowledge and competence in graduate and master students.


  • Supervision of Ph.D. project in Local Development and Global Dynamics by Dr. G.F. Kebede ‘Social Capital and the Urban Informal Economy’ (December 2014). Topic: Network Analysis and empirical survey research, Small Entrepreneurship and Socio-Economic Development.
  • ‘Application of multiple correlations analysis (MCA) and network analysis’, project carried on as research stay at the Institut für Politische Wissenschaft und Soziologie of the University of Bonn (2012).
  • Collaboration to the SMART Project (College of Europe). Analysis of e-Inclusion impact resulting from advanced R&D based on economic modelling in relation to innovation capacity, capital formation, productivity, and empowerment.

2008- 2010

  •  ‘Use of Mixed and Multimethods techniques in social research’, supervision of research grants as part of the study exchange agreement between EURAC (BZ) and the Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento.
  • ’Public Opinion Concerns on Personal Data Privacy in Comparative Perspective’, project carried on as research stay at Eurolab, Koln (2009).
  • Collaboration to the Project ‘Cooperation, local development and internationalization. The contribution of the cooperative enterprise to economic reconstruction and social development’, financed by University of Trento and Federazione Trentina delle Cooperative.

Research group participations

  • 2006-2008: ‘Social Analysis and Collateral Impacts of Pervasive Technologies’, Analysis and reporting of empirical research, as part of the European Research Project ‘Discreet’ – Service Provisions in Smart Environments – FP6, coordinated by DIT (Prof. R. LoCigno, University of Trento) and CNIT (Prof. G. Bianchi, Rome).
  • 2004- 2006:  National research network ‘The creation of value and economic growth in dynamic economic networks’ financed by the Italian Research Ministry national grants and coordinated by Prof. J. Birner, (University of Trento), Prof. P. Terna (University of Turin) and Prof. G. Rampa (University of Genua).
  • 2004- 2005: National research network “Territorial pacts and local development’ financed by the Italian Research Ministry national grants and coordinated by Prof. C. Trigilia (University of Florence), Prof. F. Ramella (University of Urbino) and Prof. F. Piselli (University of Trento).
  • 2001-2003: National research network “Social capital and economic performance at local level’ financed by the Italian Research Ministry national grants and coordinated by Prof. A.M. Chiesi, University of Milan, Prof. C. Trigilia (University of Florence) and .Prof. A. Mutti (University of Pavia).
  • 1995–1997: International project “Organizational Learning and Safety“, Kolleg on Organizational Learning networked by WZB Berlin and financed by Daimler Benz Foundation. Local coordinator Prof. S. Gherardi, (University of Trento).
Appartenenza a società e comitati scientifici

Member of SASE, INSNA, PSA.

Premi e riconoscimenti

2004 - Awarded Research Grant for Methodology of the Social Sciences, CNR, Ministry of Research, IT.
2002 - Awarded Research Grant Prize for ‘Young Researcher’ – University of Trento.
2001 - Awarded participation to Joint Northwestern Princeton Junior Scholar’s Workshop, Princeton University, USA.

Convegni e conferenze

Recent conference participation (-> published articles and book chapters are available on the Unitn pubblication online platform IRIS)

  •  ‘The social dimension of credit relations: an application of SNA to an early modern merchant firm’, co-authored paper with C. Lorandini (Unitn) presented at the Institute d'Histoire Economique Paul Bairoch, Geneve, March 2017and at EUSN2017 Mainz, Germany, September 2017.
  • ‘Longitudinal network data and time sequencing of structural changes. An analysis of serialization and competition in the organization of a cultural market’, conference paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology, RC33 Conference. Leicester University, UK, September 2016.
  • ‘Methodological and theoretical issues in longitudinal social networks: analysis example of multiple inter-organizational relations’, research poster presented at NetSci X 2016, International Conference on Network Science, Wroclaw, Poland, January 2016.
  • ‘Social Sciences and the Design of Tools for Future Learning’, literature paper presented at the 1st international conference on Anticipation, Trento 1st International Conference on Anticipation co-organized by University of Trento, UNESCO, WAAS World Academy of Art and Science, WUC (World University Consortium) and the Advanced Design Network, Trento, November 2016.
  • ‘Ten years of professional collaborations in the Italian TV production industry (1996- 2009) and the role of producers’ organizational constellations’ (in collaboration with S. Zanatta) paper presented at the SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics) Annual Meeting, Milano, June 2013.
  • "Media production as organizational constellations. Multiple collaborations networks and the Italian TV-Fiction production’ (in collaboration with S. Zanatta) paper presented at the INSNA- Sunbelt Conference, Hamburg, May 2013.
  • ‘A Network perspective of Economic Relations and Markets as Networks: a Review of Studies’, paper presented at the DSS Conference, Faculty of Economics University of Brescia, January 2012.
  • ‘Time and Network Structure: an exploration of change in organizational constellations’, paper presented at Cladag - Analysis and Modeling of Complex Data in Behavioural and Social Sciences, Villa Orlandi (NA), September 2012.
  • ‘Collaborative production and closed networks: the rise of the Italian TV Serials (1996-2006)’ in collaboration with S. Zanatta (FMST), paper presented at ARS 2011 Conference, Advances in Social Network Analysis, Napoli, IT, June 2011. Presentation available on line
  • ‘Serial Ciak and Artistic Networks. Collaboration and Competition in the Italian Television Industry (1996-2006) in collaboration with S. Zanatta (FMST). Published paper in Conference Proceedings of IAMCR 2011 Conference , Istanbul TU, July 2011. Presentation available on line
  • "Public Opinion Concerns on Data Privacy in Eurobarometer Surveys", paper presented at the 4th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, July 2011, Lausanne, CH. Preseantation available on line
  • “Public Opinion Concerns on Data Privacy in Comparative Perspective (EU)”, Paper presented at EUROLAB User Meeting, GESIS –Leibnitz Institute for the Social Sciences, March 2010, Cologne DE.
  •  “A Private or Public Issue? Adolescents Social Communication Practices and Infringement of Norms on the Web”; Paper presented at ESF-LiU Conference “Paying Attention: Digital Media Cultures and Generational Responsibility”, September, 2010, Linköping, SE.
  • "Privacy concerns and electronic data collection: group and individual response to social change in communications", poster presented at NTTS (New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics) Conference, organized by EUROSTAT, Brussels BE, February 2009. Conference Proceedings published online
  • ‘Communication Technologies and Privacy Perception: A Study Among a New Generation of IT Users’, paper presented at the International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. USA, 18-20 January 2008.
  • “Social Interaction and Privacy Issues in Pervasive Technologies". Paper presented at PSA Annual Conference 2008 ‘Democracy, Governance and Conflicts: Dilemmas of Theory and Practice’, Swansea UK, April 2008. Conference Proceedings published online
  • "Social Relations and Pervasivity of Technology: What about Communications in Small Groups?". Paper presented at Conference on Technoscience and Knowledge Society in Europe, Genoa (Italy), June 2008. Conference Proceedings published online
  •  ‘Reverse Experiments: Investigating Social Behaviour with Daily Technologies", paper presented at ‘Inter: A European Cultural Studies’, organized by Linköping University, Sweden. Conference Proceedings published in Linköping University Electronic Press (25, 2007. vol. 2) and online
Altre attività
  • ‘The representation of privacy issue in contemporary cinema,’ (2008) cultural analysis and filmography developed as voluntary collaboration with Format (Centro Audiovisivi) of the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT).
  • Customer satisfaction survey in small children private services, survey design and supervision of data collection and analysis (2006-2008).

Dr. Odella is available to supervise BA and Master research thesis (in italian or english language); students willing to engage in such activity will be supported and helped in find the appropriate research context and staging opportunity, design their research plan and carry on data collection and analysis processes. Recent successfull experiences in students' research thesis have been carried on at FBK Foundation, Geographic DataBase of Trento Autonomous Province, Eurac (Bozen) and inside multidisciplinary research groups.