Olivier Jousson

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Area CUN: Scienze biologiche (05)
Settore scientifico disciplinare: MICROBIOLOGIA GENERALE (BIO/19)

Bachelor or Master thesis project proposal &ndash...
lunedì 01 aprile 2019

Bachelor or Master thesis project proposal – Laboratory of Microbial Genomics, Centre for Integrative Biology

Identification and quantification of culturable fraction in microbial communities


It is nowadays possible to determine both culturable and unculturable fractions of microbial communities through the combination of next generation sequencing (NGS) and high-throughput culturing (HTC) methods. The integration is performed by comparing the genomes of the microbes isolated in pure cultures with the metagenome. The outcome of this analysis will be lead to a better description of the structure and diversity of microbial communities and potentially to the identification of species carrying specific functions. The proposed thesis project consists in the application of existing tools and/or the development of new tools and pipelines.

Required background

The candidate should have a good knowledge of python writing and R-scripting. Skills dedicated to sequence analysis, including similarity and mapping programs (such as BLAST and bowtie) are very useful as well.

Useful background

Basic knowledge of molecular biology and microbiology.