Estates and Facilities

The logistics services division is responsible for estimating the value of the properties, compulsory acquisitions and tenancy agreements, office and furniture moves and postal services.
It is also in charge of guestrooms, contracts for janitorial services, the security service, and the University’s fleet of vehicles. In the performance of its tasks, the division works closely with the heads of the Building management divisions in Trento, Rovereto and Povo-Mesiano.

The division advises on the purchase of furniture and equipment, and offers a maintenance service.
It is responsible for general services (deliveries, vending machines, photocopiers) and for their proper functioning.

The Logistics division, together with the Planning, Administration and Finance Directorate, manages property insurance.


Via Antonio Rosmini, 70, Trento, 38122 TN
Div.ServiziLogistici[at]unitn [dot] it